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05/14/2018 – 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM (Reserve a spot at this event)


The Wine Bistro - Upper Arlington
1750 West Lane Avenue
Columbus, OH 43221
Phone: 614.485.1750


Topic: Survive to Thrive Workshop

Speaker: Dr. Rebecca Heiss, speaker and author

Stress is one of the top social determinants of health. When we are stressed, our bodies must support the responses to stress. Cortisol levels rise, our physiology adapts to stress, and overtime, this results in faster aging, stopped brain cell production, depletion of serotonin/dopamine, decrease in cognitive function, depressed immune system and decrease cognitive function and a host of other health issues.

In this workshop Dr. Heiss breaks down how stress affects our health, conscious decisions, and ultimately our happiness and success. Dr. Heiss will share strategies to overcome chronic stress so that you can thrive not just survive!

Dr. Rebecca Heiss has her PhD in Stress Physiology and an MS in Evolutionary Psychology with a concentration in Human Behavior and Development. Dr. Heiss is also a highly sought after international speaker and consultant and was honored to deliver a TEDx on a portion of her work and has built her career on helping others break through their "BS" (Blind Spots).

Speaker's bio:
Business, biology, brain science: Dr. Rebecca Heiss brings the best of all three worlds together. With her expertise in human behavior and evolutionary psychology, Rebecca’s style brings her audiences along for an enlightening journey into their own minds.

After earning a PhD with research designated as “transformative” by the National Science Foundation, Rebecca went on to hold multiple appointments in academia, applying her research to solve practical problems in overcoming what she refers to as “biological ghosts”—subconscious behaviors that haunt modern life. Described as a creative thought leader, she was honored to deliver a TEDx on a portion of her work and has built her career on helping others break through their evolutionary ethical “blind spots.” Having conquered the business of biology, Dr. Heiss has turned her focus to revolutionizing the biology of business.

Rebecca’s engaging personality energizes individuals and organizations to view their behaviors and choices through an insightful new lens. Her accessible, fresh perspective empowers clients to “connect the dots” to transform conceptual frameworks into actionable items that deliver results. Through her dynamic and humorous keynotes and workshops, Rebecca effectively bridges gaps between what we know (that just isn’t so) and the power of our brains to break through to our best selves.

Rebecca Heiss
Phone: (607) 342-4433
1-863-RSHEISS (7743477)


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