Topic: Baltimore, MD

Subject: Accounting System Migration: Great Plains to NetSuite
Jeremy Chason
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Submitted on 11-03-16 12:33 pm

We are currently on Great Plains and have decided to move to NetSuite.


No one on my team (nor I) has/have ever been through an ERP implementation/accounting system data migration. However, several previous Auditors on my team are concerned about:

          needing to ensure historical transaction-level detail (at least 2 years) is migrated over [NetSuite seems to feel this is overkill and will be painful, costly, and might ultimately not be completed by us (because we decide "juice isn't worth squeeze" during process)]


I am trying to make a decision about best direction, but feel I need some other data points. (Obviously I will also speak with our 3rd party Auditors, but) Does anyone have a perspective having gone through this - especially between these 2 systems? Love to talk about risks, challenges, and cost/benefit with someone who has lived it.


Thank you!

Alex Ordia
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Subject: Re:Accounting System Migration: Great Plains to NetSuite

Submitted on 01-19-17 8:28 pm.

Hi Jason, are you still in need for someone to consult on the migration? Thanks