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The importance of hobbies

Editorial by Matt Bud from the September 29, 2016 Newsletter

I once worked for a division president who wouldn’t hire anyone who didn’t have a hobby. His theory was that your brain couldn’t be active and productive if you didn’t have something to think about other than work. While he admired those with “fire in their belly,” he was a man with hobbies. The two I remember best were road rallies and running. The road rally hobby was an interesting one. As I recall, he participated in the macho class where all you were allowed was a stop watch and a clipboard. The theory as I understood it was that you had to arrive at your destination and at several check points at a very specific time. Being able to [ Read more… ]

Global Meetings
Chapter/SIGMeeting Date 
Monmouth/Ocean, NJ Oct 1, 2016


8:30 AM to 10:30 AM


531 Soloman Way
Freehold, NJ 07728




- For the first 15 minutes, get your coffee and talk freely among yourselves.

- At 8:45, General announcements. If anyone has something they want to share with the group. Then, everyone will have a chance to say their elevator pitch (no more than 30 seconds, please).
Then we’ll split the group into sub-groups of no more than 10 people with a facilitator for each group. Depending on the number of attendees, we may ask someone to run a group. The group splits will be based on mutual interest: financial services, consulting, manufacturing, accounting, etc..

- Within each sub-group, everyone will have a chance to talk about his/her issues and how the group can help, job search problems/opportunities, etc. Come prepared – if you want us to critique your resume or networking document, bring enough copies to distribute. Know what you want to achieve in the time we give you. I expect everyone will have the floor for about 5-7 minutes depending on attendance.

- Everyone can stay as long as they want, but the leader will make sure everyone has an equal chance to talk based on the 10:30 break.

I will update the attendance list for everyone who shows up. It will be available on the website for about a month.

PLEASE BRING: a name-tag, business cards, and copies of your marketing material.

DRESS: informal (jeans are fine)

Please note this is just a few blocks down the street from CentraState Hospital.

COST: This is an informal meeting. We will ask everyone to buy their own coffee and snack and join us at the biggest table we can find.

We look forward to seeing you.

Tom Bocchino
Marty Mussman
Don Sondak


Use the following link for directions to the Freehold Panera Bread:

London, United Kingdom Oct 3, 2016


11:00 AM to 1:00 PM


Goodman Masson's offices
120 Aldersgate Street
London UK EC1A 4JQ


UK Job Hunt Club

1. 90 Second elevator pitch. (45")

2. Metrics - activity for the last 2 weeks. (30")
- Networking - number of e-mails/meetings/calls
- Number of company interviews
- Number of Headhunter / Agency interviews
- Number of applications for roles (adverts, job boards, etc.)

3. Open Session. Job sharing (30")
- Share job leads, networking events, other opportunities
- Share any job searching insight

4. Agree agenda for next meeting. (15")

Please RSVP: by WEDNESDAY, September 28th so that Goodman Masson receives sufficient notice to provide the adequate space.

SEATING IS LIMITED TO 10 MEMBERS. If you register and can NOT attend, please remove your name from the list.

This meeting is open to FENG members ONLY.

Also, if you find a job, please let us know in order to share the goods news with the rest of the team as well as to update your directory. In addition, please make sure that you update your membership directory listing by going to:, and filling out the form you will find there.


Tube station Barbican

Susquehanna Valley, PA Oct 3, 2016


6:00 PM to 8:00 PM


Alvernia University
Alvernia Upland Center Building,Room 227
540 Upland Avenue
Reading, PA 19611


The objective of our meetings is to give each member an opportunity to continually hone their networking skills, meet their peers, share job leads and develop networking opportunities.

Each attendee will get a chance to deliver their two-minute elevator speech, share recent successes and failures, present their networking requests, discuss their job search questions and any concerns they may be struggling with, and apprise the group of any new searches, requests, etc. that they have become aware of.

Please bring at least twenty-five copies of your “one pager”. This should provide your contact information at the top, followed by a brief overview of your background, and finally your target company list and a list of people you would like to meet. They should be handed out to the attendees just before you make your presentation, thus helping them to provide you with targeted assistance and advice.

Please have copies of your resume available to handout to those interested parties who may want to learn more about you or pass it on to individuals they think may be interested in talking to you. Also, bring a nametag to wear and a “name” tent card to place on the table in front of you.

Attire is business casual.

Members of BENG and FEI are also invited to attend.


As you enter the building go up the stairs or the elevator and turn right
through the door to room 227.

Free parking at the facility.

San Diego, CA Oct 4, 2016


8:00 AM to 10:00 AM


PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)
5375 Mira Sorrento Place, Suite 300
San Diego, CA 92121

(in Sorrento Mesa)


Topic: Planning Your Company's Exit Strategy

Speaker: Cheryl Kessler, Director at Vantage Point Advisors

Meetings are for members, prospective members and invited guests only. For non-members, RSVP is required by writing to chapter chair, Dan Ruchman at Please include a one or two sentence description of who you are, and your interest in attending the meeting. Thank you.

This topic will be of interest both to sitting CFOs, CEOs and Controllers, and to other senior financial and non-financial execs.

It has been observed before that there are many parallels between a country, on the one hand, starting a war with no exit plan, and a company, on the other hand, starting itself up with no exit plan. In the case of the country, it can end up paying out far more money and lives, for far more years, due to a failure to plan its exit, than the cost of winning the war itself. In the case of a company, the cost of an unplanned exit can lead to a company's owners giving away, and never benefiting from, all the value they may have built up during the years of starting and growing the company.

In this meeting -- surprise! -- we're NOT going to solve the issue for the country. We ARE, however, going to try to make sure that none of us gets involved in situations that cause those above negative consequences for our companies.

When a new company starts up, there sooner or later needs to be what's generally referred to as an "exit event". It can be the entrepreneur deciding that s/he wants to cash out and go off and enjoy retirement... or maybe cash out and continue to run the company as an employee of the new buyer, or maybe go off and start another company. It can be the investors wanting to cash out and realize the return on their investment. It can be taking a private company public by going through an IPO. It can be that a strong competitor emerges who comes along unsolicited to buy out the owners. And for those of you in public companies, it can even be a public company recognizing a sea change coming in their markets, and determining the need to exit while they are on top, instead of waiting for events to overcome them and force a company sale under duress. It can be any of several things. Regardless of the reason or the triggering event, a wise entrepreneur always looks to the future, and does a modicum of planning for his or her exit... before they are overtaken by events beyond their control.

Exits can take many forms. When planned well, a company's exit event optimizes a good situation, and can leave its founders, its investors and its employees feeling very good about the event and about their post-event bank accounts. When planned poorly, an almost identical exit event could leave some or all of those players wondering what happened to turn their wonderful company into an exit nightmare or, if not a nightmare, a less than ideal event.

The difference between those outcomes usually comes down to the quality of the planning that went into the exit.

If you plan well, you exit well; if you don't, you don't.

In this talk, Cheryl Kessler will go through for us the myriad of factors and actions that go into the effective planning for an exit event.

By the end of her talk, she'll have educated -- or in some cases, refreshed -- us on a number of critical things, including:

- The key factors determining business value
- The importance of tax planning early in the process
- Determining an exit strategy
- How to bridge the value gap – current vs. required assets to exit
- Preparing and timing the business for a sale/transaction

For any of us who've ever been part of a startup or early stage company, Cheryl's talk will ring some bells -- either for things we remember doing, or things we wish we'd done. For those who are now, or expect to be in the future, in a position to start planning an exit event for their company, this talk will be invaluable.

Speaker's bio:
Cheryl Kessler is an expert in business valuations, specializing in valuation opinions for mergers & acquisitions, gift and estate tax planning, litigation support and marital dissolutions, and stock option plans. For over 20 years, Cheryl has helped closely-held companies in many industries determine the value of their equity. She presents a credible, defensible and easy to understand analysis of financial and complex valuation issues in concise reports and via expert testimony. She has a reputation for delivering timely, thorough and cost effective analyses.

Prior to her tenure at Vantage Point Advisors, Cheryl was CEO of a start-up energy storage company, prior to which she was a co-founder and CFO of a public company, Open Energy Corp, a pioneer in building-integrated (BIPV) solar roofing products. As CFO, Cheryl helped drive negotiations and legal documentation to close on $20 million of convertible debentures and PIPE financing. She strategized on product cost reduction and margin improvement with the management team, and built financial models and dashboards. Cheryl was in charge of writing and managing the annual proxy filings, the SB-2A registration statement filings, and the 10K & 10Q filings.

Prior to Open Energy, Cheryl was a founding principal of the CUSTOMatrix consulting firm, spent two years with Brodshatzer, Wallace, Spoon & Yip performing valuations and other support analysis for marital dissolutions. She worked with several business valuation firms prior to that in the Denver area. In addition, she spent three years as an investment banker with broker/dealers, specializing in micro-capitalization public offerings, later heading up the equity research department for one of the broker/dealers.

Cheryl began her career as an electrical engineer designing digital circuits for Xerox. She holds a BS in electrical engineering from Cornell, and an MBA in finance from Loyola Marymount. Over the ensuing years, she has attained certification as an Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) in Business Valuation, and as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

Please join us on Tuesday, when Cheryl will address the above questions and more, in what I expect will be a highly informative and interactive talk and discussion with us.

Breakfast and Meeting Sponsor: As usual, we will have breakfast refreshments for all attendees. Sponsoring our meeting and generously providing the refreshments will be Christa Shapiro, Director at Kforce Finance & Accounting search consultants, and her colleagues Jesse Norton and Jessica Regester. We're very pleased to welcome Kforce back as a sponsor of the San Diego FENG.

CPE Credits: Reminder for those members maintaining their professional certifications - we offer the documentation for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits for our speaker presentations. For those members interested in this, you may complete the appropriate forms, which we'll have available at the meeting, for 1.0 hours of CPE credit

Name Card: Please type your name on both sides of a regular paper, and bring it with you to the meeting.


PwC is near the 805, just off of Scranton Road, a block north of Mira Mesa Boulevard, close to Qualcomm and Karl Strauss.

- Just off of 805 and Mira Mesa Blvd.
- If coming north on 805, exit Sorrento Valley Road
- Go straight at the signal and turn into the driveway for the two buildings you see on the right
- Once in the garage, drive to the left to the second set of elevators, to the East Tower.
- Take the elevator to the Plaza level and then switch to the bank of elevators to the 3rd floor.
- There is ample free parking in the garage or in the adjacent parking lot near the Scranton/Mira Mesa Food Court.
- Parking is Free.

Phoenix, AZ Oct 4, 2016


3:30 PM to 5:00 PM


First Western Trust Scottsdale
7025 North Scottsdale Road, Suite 100
Scottsdale, AZ 85253


Topic: Hunting Down Fraud

Speaker: Craig Reinmuth, President Expert Insights, P.C.

Every business is unfortunately interrupted by fraud at some point. It is one of the last things financial executives want to take time out of their busy schedule to deal with. In this digital high-tech world, the opportunities to commit financial fraud are only being increased.

Fraud investigations have been stepped up to fight fire with fire. With the use of highly sophisticated computer forensics, fraud can be hunted down and proven. Craig will present examples of the success he has achieved in using computer forensics to unveil the clear and convincing evidence needed to confirm an executive’s suspicions of fraud, including not only financial fraud, but also other fraudulent acts going on within the company.

Don’t miss this opportunity to fine tune your skills in “hunting down” fraud within your company.

Speaker's bio:
Expert Insights is a litigation support firm, based in Scottsdale AZ, specializing in digital forensics and forensic accounting. The firms’ President, Craig Reinmuth, has been engaged as an expert in over 250 cases over the past 20 years, of which approximately 25% have required testimony.

Craig is a CPA and served as past-Chairperson for the Business Valuation and Litigation Support Steering Committee for the Arizona Society of Certified Public Accountants. Other certifications include EnCase Certified Computer Forensic Examiner, Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF), and Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA). Overall Craig has over 30 years of experience including Sr. Tax Manager with a “Big 4” international accounting firm and management position at Mercedes-Benz of North America. He is also a on the board of directors of a de novo bank in Scottsdale.


Montgomery/Bucks County, PA Oct 4, 2016


6:00 PM to 8:00 PM


Giant Food Store
315 York Road
Community Room, 2nd Floor
Willow Grove, PA 19090


The meeting will start at 6:00 P.M. The objective is to give each member an opportunity to continually hone their networking skills, meet their peers from various disciplines, share job leads, ideas, and develop networking opportunities.

BE SURE TO BRING YOUR RESUME OR ONE PAGE MARKETING PIECE! As well as a name badge and name tent for the table.

This is a great opportunity to meet new people, catch-up with old friends and discuss any issues you have on your mind.

Your chapter leadership will be delighted to see you there.

Dress: business casual


Energy & Natural Resources Oct 5, 2016


7:00 AM to 9:00 AM


Cafe Express
1101 Uptown Park Boulevard
Houston, TX 77056


Private Equity SIG meeting

Networking, 7:00-7:30 AM.
Will Jaco, 7:30-8.30 AM
Networking,8:30-9:00 AM


West Loop and Post Oak in Uptown Park

Minneapolis, MN Oct 5, 2016


6:00 PM to 8:00 PM


Lund’s and Byerly’s
Community Room
7050 Valley Creek Plaza
Woodbury MN 55125


Exposing the Hidden Job Market

Although the economy is improving - this still isn't your Grandma's job market! Many of the jobs are hidden from plain view and unless you learn about the new way to job hunt, you'll be left out in the cold. Absolutely Abby will teach you how easy it really is to uncover the hidden job market. You will learn:

• Why the job market is hidden in the first place
• 3 ways to hobnob with CTOs, CFOs and other C-suite members
• How working for free can be the best idea you ever had
• How to solve problems for companies who don't know that they have them
• 3 ways to use social media to generate opportunities you didn't know existed

Abby Kohut, “Absolutely Abby” Bio

Abby Kohut, who is known in the job search world as Absolutely Abby, is the President of Staffing Symphony, LLC and author of "Absolutely Abby's 101 Job Search Secrets." In the past 22 years, Abby held corporate recruiting positions in a variety of industries and is responsible for helping 10,000 people get hired. Her website, which was selected as one of the “Top 100 Websites for Your Career” by Forbes, teaches candidates secrets the Absolute truth about the job search process that other recruiters won't tell you. was also mentioned on CNBC as one of three top websites for career changers. Abby is one of the “Top 100 Influential People Online” according to Fast Company Magazine and is known as "Ask Abby" on LinkedIn. She has provided job search tips on Fox 5, NBC, CBS, ABC, Monster, Real Simple, The Ladders, Bloomberg Radio, and Forbes. Recently, CEOWORLD Magazine rated Abby “One of the Top 25 Women for your Job Search” and Business News Daily rated @Absolutely_Abby as "One of Top 10 Twitter Accounts Every Jobseeker Should Follow". Since 2012, Abby has been on a mission to help one million job seekers and is currently driving around the USA on a nationwide tour to accomplish that goal.


Boston, MA Oct 5, 2016


6:00 PM to 8:00 PM


Marcum LLP offices at Exchange Place
53 State Street
38th Floor
Boston, MA 02109


Cybersecurity in 2016 - How to survive

· It is a business issue not a technical issues

· The current threat landscape
o A brief review that should scare the **** out of you
o What is really happening with the SWIFT hacks
o The good guys can get the upper hand with your help

· What should you be worried about
o The number one vulnerability in every organization
o A culture of convenience over security
o Every single access point to your network
o Unstructured data
o Have you have already been breeched

· What basic steps can I take to eliminate obvious vulnerabilities
o Employee training and awareness, Employee training and awareness, Employee training and awareness – Any questions?
o Organize and manage your data – no simple task
o If cost is an issue - lots of open source products to protect and monitor your environment
o Be prepared for a breech – they will happen despite your best efforts

· Questions

Speaker Bio:

Robert Reeder is an innovative IT executive with more than 30 years of leadership experience in software development, systems architecture and operations, and security governance. Robert earned his CISM certification in 2013 while serving as CIO for Rezolve Group. He was responsible for securely operating a FAFSA preparation service and securing over 8 million FAFSA applications, which include detailed income tax and asset information. Additionally, while serving as CTO at W.A. Wilde, he was responsible for securing sensitive financial and medical customer information and product from Fidelity, Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Financial Engines, and CitiStreet
Robert has a degree from Dartmouth College in Computer Science and Cognitive Psychology. He is a recipient of the 2013 CIO of the Year Award from Boston Business Journal and recipient of the Right Stuff award from NASA Space Academy for leadership, teamwork, and technology.

The entry cost is $15.00 per person. PLEASE REGISTER BEFORE ATTENDING. You may use the PayPal feature on the website to reserve your seat.


Miami (Palm Beach/Treasure Coast), FL Oct 5, 2016


6:30 PM to 7:45 PM


Okeechobee Boulevard Branch Library
5689 West Okeechobee Boulevard
West Palm Beach, FL 33417


General Networking

This is a great opportunity to meet new people, catch-up with old friends and discuss any issues you have on your mind.

The objective is to give each member an opportunity to continually hone their networking skills, meet their peers from various disciplines, share job leads, ideas, and develop networking opportunities.

As always, this is a great opportunity to network, practice your “elevator” speech with fellow FENG members. Practicing your 90-second announcement in the comfort of your own home is a good thing to do, but it is hardly enough. The missing element is a live audience. The additional benefit is that the live audience you will encounter at a meeting of The FENG will also be a friendly audience so you can improve this important tool.

Please bring:
- Name Badge
- Personal Contact cards
- Resumes
- Your 90-second elevator speech

Attire: is business casual.

Your chapter leadership will be delighted to see you there.


From I-95: Travel to Okeechobee Boulevard (Exit 70). Drive west on Okeechobee Boulevard (approximately 3-1/2 miles), past Haverhill Road. Library will be on your right, next to Dunkin Donuts.

From Florida’s Turnpike: Take the Okeechobee Boulevard (east) exit off of the Turnpike. Drive east on Okeechobee Boulevard (approximately 1/4 mile). Library will be on your left, next to Dunkin Donuts.

Philadelphia-Downtown, PA Oct 6, 2016


6:00 PM to 8:00 PM


KPMG Offices
1601 Market Street, 36th floor
Philadelphia, PA 19103



Directions from Route 95 South or North:
Take Central Philadelphia exit. You will be on the Vine Street Expressway. Take the Museum Area Exit off to right. You will be on 22nd Street. Make your 1st right (Ben Franklin Parkway). Make right onto 21st Street. Stay on 21st until you reach Market Street. There are several parking lots along Market Street as well as parking lots on Arch Street. KPMG is located at 1601 Market Street on the 36th Floor.

Directions from Ben Franklin Bridge:
Stay in left lane coming off of bridge. Take Vine Street expressway. Take the Museum Area Exit off to right. You will be on 22nd Street. Make your 1st right (Ben Franklin Parkway). Make right onto 21st Street. Stay on 21st until you reach Market Street. There are several parking lots along Market Street as well as parking lots on Arch Street. KPMG is located at 1601 Market Street on the 36th floor.

Directions from Walt Whitman Bridge:
Stay in middle lane line coming off of bridge. Follow signs for Route 76 West. Take 30th Street Station Exit (Exit #39). Go to second light and make a right onto Market Street. There are several parking lots along Market Street as well as parking lots on Arch Street. KPMG is located at 1601 Market Street on the 36th floor.

Directions from Route 76 West:
Follow 76 West to Vine Street Expressway Exit. Take the Broad Street Exit (stay on the right side). Make right turn onto JFK Boulevard. Stay on JFK Blvd then make a left onto 21st Street. Stay on 21st until you reach Market Street. There are several parking lots along Market Street as well as parking lots on Arch Street. KPMG is located at 1601 Market Street on the 36th floor.


From New Jersey:
Take Patco High Speed Line to last stop(16th & Locust). When above ground, take 16th Street north (next street is Walnut) until you get to Market Street. Smart Devine is located at 1601 Market Street on the 36th floor.

From PA Suburbs & Center City:
The closest train stop to the Smart Devine office is 15th Street. Call Septa at (215)568-7800 to find out best way to get to this stop.

Mexico City, Mexico Oct 6, 2016


6:00 PM to 9:30 PM


Restaurant El Bajio
7 Alejandro Dumas
(corner Campos Elíseos)
Polanco, Mexico City, Mexico


Topic: Telecom Reform 2016

Speaker: Cristina Ruiz de Velasco, Directora Ejecutiva de Asuntos Externos, AT&T en México

The 2013 constitutional telecommunication and competition reform and the legislation and regulation that followed it (the “2013 Telecom Reform”) have the potential to be truly transformative of the sector. These reforms were a material factor in AT&T’s decision to invest in Mexico, and their full implementation is a matter of critical importance to AT&T and to competition in the telecommunications market in Mexico. For the first time, the Mexican telecommunications regulator, the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (“IFT”), has at its disposal the tools to rewrite the economic future of the telecommunications market in Mexico.

The framework of the 2013 Telecom Reform included the declaration of AMX as a preponderant economic agent (“PEA”) in the sector by the IFT, and the imposition of asymmetric measures to redress the effects of preponderance on competition and free market access (“libre concurrencia”).

AMX currently holds a market share, by subscribers, of 62.3 percent in the total telecommunications sector in Mexico1, with market shares as high as 68.0 percent in mobile telephone services and 70.7 percent in mobile broadband services: significantly above the 50 percent threshold for status as a PEA established in the Mexican Constitution and law. Those mobile broadband market concentration levels have increased significantly since the 2013 Telecom Reform, which highlights that without regulatory action, the objectives of the 2013 Telecom Reform will not be achieved any time soon.

To facilitate the introduction of effective competition into the telecommunications sector in Mexico, AT&T recommends strengthening existing asymmetric measures as follows:
- Interconnection: The IFT must allow non-PEA carriers to charge a reasonably established interconnection fee that covers all their termination costs, thereby implementing the intended effect of the interconnection asymmetry. This measure is crucial to encourage sustainable and credible competitors to the PEA.
- Dedicated Links: The IFT must set prices for wholesale leased dedicated links utilizing cost-based models consistent with a benchmarking approach while such detailed models are under implementation. The PEA should produce 1 The total telecommunications sector includes fixed voice, fixed Access to broadband, mobile voices

Speaker’s bio:
Cristina representa los intereses de AT&T en México.

Cristina Ruiz de Velasco es Directora Ejecutiva de Asuntos Externos para AT&T en México. Con más de 15 años de experiencia en telecomunicaciones lidera el trabajo en políticas públicas de AT&T en México colaborando en la formación de conexiones relevantes con líderes de gobierno y de la industria.

Antes de unirse a AT&T, Cristina fue Vicepresidente de Asuntos Públicos para Nextel México y Directora de la Fundación Nextel, donde era responsable de las relaciones gubernamentales a nivel federal y estatal, con el Congreso, legislaturas estatales y con los reguladores. Ha participado en áreas relacionadas con la Reforma de Telecomunicaciones en México para impulsar la competencia.

Cristina es miembro del International Women's Forum, Capítulo Mexicano, y es la única mujer latinoamericana en la Global Telecom Women's Network, participa en la GSMA, y es expositora en temas de telecomunicaciones y responsabilidad social, entre otras actividades. Recientemente fue incluida dentro de la lista de Las 100 Mujeres Más Poderosas de México 2016 que publica la revista Forbes México.

Cristina tiene una licenciatura en Relaciones Internacionales por la Universidad Iberoamericana y cuenta con otros grados en México y el exterior, incluyendo un diploma en Senior Management en IPADE; el programa de liderazgo de Georgetown University, y el programa de finanzas de la Kellogg School of Management en la Universidad de Northwestern.

Cocktail sponsored by RGP (

In order to avoid rush hour traffic, we will begin our session one hour earlier. The networking cocktail will start at 6pm and the speaker presentation will start at 6.30pm

- Welcome cocktail and networking
- Introductions
- New Members welcome
- Announcements
- Guest Speaker
- Next Meeting proposal
- Cocktail and networking

Attire: is business casual


Asset Management Oct 6, 2016


6:00 PM to 7:30 PM


Hinduja Group Offices
520 Madison Ave, 34th FLOOR
New York, NY


Guest Speaker, Antony Kamath, will speak about capital flows in Real Estate.

Mr. Kamath has broad experience in valuation and advisory assignments across large private and public corporations and private and public REITs and has provided opinions on fair market, leased fee and leasehold valuations.

He was a Senior Manager at American Appraisal Associates, Inc. out of the New York City office from January 2013 thru September 2014. He has completed valuation and consulting assignments including fair rental analysis, leased fee and leasehold value determinations and value for mergers and acquisitions. Before that, he worked in New York City as Director at Landauer Valuation & Advisory Services, a Division of Newmark Grubb Knight Frank, from Sept 2007 through January 2013 and a Consultant at Appraisal Advisory Group Ltd., New York, NY from September 2003 through August 2007.

Mr. Kamath received his BA in Economics from S. P. College, Poona University, Pune, India. He received his MBA from the Institute of Management at Poona University.

Doors open at 5:30PM


Bergen County, NJ Oct 6, 2016


6:30 PM to 8:30 PM


Bethlehem Lutheran Church
155 Linwood Avenue
1st Floor Parlor Room
Ridgewood, NJ


Join us for an interactive presentation which will introduce the participants to the science behind how emotions work and help them discover the impact emotional awareness has on our ability to communicate effectively and build successful relationships.

The construct of emotional intelligence, popularized by psychologist and science journalist Daniel Goleman, begins with emotional awareness. Emotional “triggers” can impact our interactions with others and lead to misunderstanding. Maggie Pazian and Mike Palestina of People Intell ( will lead a dynamic discussion about how emotions work, the science behind emotional triggers and how to recognize when we are in the grip of an emotion. They will also introduce strategies for effectively managing emotions.

Maggie Pazian is an internationally accredited specialist in the science of nonverbal communication, behavior and emotion. She has more than ten years of experience coaching and training others in the skills of accurately perceiving and interpreting emotional information. By drawing upon the scientifically validated channels of communication and using the Facial Action Coding System and micro expression analysis, she is able to guide others in the process of becoming more emotionally aware and connected. Enhanced emotional awareness allows for better decision making, stronger leadership, and more effective relationships. Maggie is passionate and committed to helping leaders grow and evolve in this area.

Mike Palestina is a Certified Executive Coach and Leadership Development Consultant who collaborates with senior executives, mid-level managers, and other leaders to inspire and enhance individual’s attitudes, behaviors, and performance, resulting in increased employee engagement and retention. These shifts ultimately contribute to successfully reaching desired goals and exceeding individual and organizational expectations.
Mike’s Fortune 500 business leadership experience (in a variety of non-HR related functional areas including Marketing and Business Development, Client Implementation and Services, IT, Project Management and Operations) combined with 400+ hours of accredited training in coaching, emotional awareness and verbal and non-verbal communications, provide him with a real-world appreciation of the challenges senior leaders face throughout their careers and within their organizations.

Please reserve your seat for the meetings by signing up at the website under Bergen County Chapter Meetings. I can be reached at the following:

201-919-2607 - Cell
201 337-7554 – Home
646-710-4677 - Office

Marty Latman


Please contact Marty Latman for directions:
646-710-4677 - Office
201-919-2607 - Cell
201 337-7554 – Home

Princeton, NJ Oct 6, 2016


7:00 PM to 8:45 PM


Mercer County Public Library,
West Windsor Branch
333 North Post Road, Princeton Junction, NJ 08550


TOPIC / GUEST SPEAKER: Mark Rich, COO of ExecuJobs.

FENG is excited to have Mark Rich, COO of ExecuJobs, presenting a workshop on Maximizing Social Media for Job Searches.

By attending this workshop, you will come away with the ability to:
• Maximize Your Visibility 'To Be Found’ By Employers & Recruiters
• Build Connections to Your Targeted Decision-Maker – Your Hiring Manager

This workshop is ideal for anyone with a basic level knowledge of social media (e.g., a presence on LinkedIn), but would like to learn more about how to use social media to find their next opportunity. LinkedIn will be the primary focus; time permitting, Twitter and Facebook will be touched as well.

Biography of Mark Rich:

Mr. Rich has been associated with ExecuJobs, a premier career marketing firm for the past thirteen years, having risen from Senior Consultant to Vice President, Marketing and now Chief Operating Officer responsible for service delivery and marketing, particularly the use of Social Media. He is particularly effective with senior business leaders where expertise of the marketplace is essential for success.

Previous to that role, Mr. Rich was the Regional Director for a human capital management consulting firm where he developed new business, provided corporate clients with strategic assessment services, and managed clients throughout the Northeast, including startup ventures, emerging businesses, and established technology companies such as Lucent, Intel, and Honeywell.

Mr. Rich has also served in senior human resources management positions with a number of large retailing organizations, including Macy’s, where he focused on staffing, training and human resource development during periods of rapid growth and expansion.


Part 1: 5 - 15 minutes: Informal networking / Announcements. I will dedicate the first few minutes of the meeting to informal networking. I would like to take this time to get your thoughts concerning attendance and the speaker format.

Part 2: “Present your “30 Second” Commercial (7-10 minutes). Please get to the point. It’s NOT about you. This is a marketing presentation. Be specific – what makes you special? What are you offering? How do you add value? No one wants to know why you left your previous job or how many years you have been working. Please note that because of time, I will ask everyone to keep his / her commercial to 30 seconds. I will cut people off after 40 seconds.

Part 3: “Maximizing Social Media for Job Searches,” by Mark Rich.

Part 4: Informal Networking, Part 2 (if time allows)



Cabs available from southbound side.

Exit parking lots via Vaughan Drive.
Left onto Alexander Road.
Cross narrow bridge over railroad tracks.
At T intersection, turn right.
Proceed 0.5 miles. Library is on right side.

From parking lots, turn right onto Wallace Circle/Road
Right onto Alexander Road.
Continue about 1.0 mile. No turns.
Library is on right side.

Route One South to Princeton.
Past Sarnoff Corporation on left side.
Past Washington Road.
Exit at Alexander Road, not for Princeton but for West Windsor/Princeton Jct.
Head East back over highway towards Princeton Jct.
Proceed about 1 mile.
Cross narrow bridge over railroad tracks.
At T intersection, turn right.
Proceed 0.5 miles. Library is on right side.

From TRENTON, I95 or I295:
Route One North to Princeton.
Past Market Fair Mall on left side, Carnegie Center on right.
Past Hyatt Hotel on right side.
Exit at Alexander Street.
Atop ramp, turn right at light.
Proceed about 1 mile.
Cross narrow bridge over railroad tracks.
At T intersection, turn right.
Proceed 0.5 miles. Library is on right side.

Rt. 33 to Rt. 571/Princeton-Hightstown Road.
Rt. 571/Princeton-Hightstown Road to Princeton Jct.
Past West Windsor High School on left side.
Left at light onto Clarksville Road.
Right at light onto North Post Road.
Proceed 0.1 miles. Library is on left side.

Route 206 South to Princeton.
On 206, straight thru light across Cherry Valley Road.
Still on 206, straight thru light past Mountain Avenue
Still on 206, straight thru light across Robeson Place/Hodge Road (YMCA on left side)
Left at light at Nassau Street/Stockton Street
IMMEDIATE right onto Mercer Street.
First left onto Alexander Street.
Proceed to Route One: thru 2 lights, across canal, thru 1 light, over the overpass.
Proceed about 1 mile.
Cross narrow bridge over railroad tracks.
At T intersection, turn right.
Proceed 0.5 miles. Library is on right side.

St. Louis, MO Oct 8, 2016


8:00 AM to 10:00 AM


UHY Advisors
15 Sunnen Drive, Suite 100
St. Louis, MO 63143


- 8:00 - 8:30: Coffee & Conversation
- 8:30 - 8:50: Welcome; Agenda; New/1st Time Attendee Introductions; Business Items
- 8:50 - 9:00: Success Stories
- 9:00 - 10:00: Topical Discussion & Tabletop Networking
- 10:00: Formal Meeting Adjourns (Continued Ad Hoc Networking Encouraged)

The primary purpose of Chapter meetings is to provide an opportunity for you to meet, network, and learn from your FENG friends. We normally break into small groups for two or three 20-to-30 minute Tabletop Networking sessions. Session begins with each person taking 60-90 seconds to introduce themselves (strict limit; great "elevator speech" practice for an initial contact with a potential networking source) covering:
- Who I am
- Where I work or worked last
- What I'm looking for
- What I need help with

The rest of Tabletop session is informal conversation focusing on your distinctive competencies, future plans, and target companies, and how FENG members can help in your search. It is especially useful for those in active search to bring resumes and business cards to hand out so your new friends can read about your background and have a record for future network contacts/opportunities.

Dress is business casual. Bring some resumes and business cards to exchange.


2-step driving instructions to UHY Advisors

#1: Print a Google map:,-90.32856&spn=0.007646,0.014462&msid=100518440492906639277.00000111c6999a49b4193

#2: Turn west off South Big Bend Blvd on to Sunnen Drive (into Sunnen Business Park): Go 3/10ths mile west from S. Big Bend (through 2 roundabouts traffic circles). Turn right (north) into the last parking lot on your right just before the metro train tracks (this is past the first parking lot with the UHY sign, which is UHY's front entrance--we enter at UHY's west side door nearest their training room). The Suite 108 entrance is not visible from the parking lot, but it is just left of Suite of 109 which is easy to see from the parking lot. Follow the FENG signs from the Suite 108 door to the UHY training room.

Portland, OR Oct 10, 2016


5:30 PM to 8:00 PM


Quarterly Mixer

The Moda Center
1 N. Center Court Street
The Rose Room
Portland, OR 97227


PLEASE NOTE: this meeting is in place of the regular chapter meeting normally scheduled for the 2nd Thursday of the month.

Please join fellow FENG members and the Alumni and current Active members of the BEERS, DANG, VENG, TANG and OSPN Executive Networking Groups for our October Networking event.

NOTE - For this meeting ONLY:
Your FENG RSVP will not work to sign you up for this BEERS hosted event.

If you have already registered on the FENG website - PLEASE re-register.

Register to attend via the


- $5 in advance
- $10 at the door

Beer and Wine will be available for a small pouring fee to the caterer.

We thank the following companies for the generous support of this event:
- Craft Brew Alliance will be donating the beer ($1.50 pouring fee)
- Stoller Family Estate will be donating the wine (pouring fee of $2.50)
- Express Employment Professionals and Resources Global Professionals are co-sponsoring the hors d'oeuvres

Networking Groups:
- FENG: Financial Executives Networking Group
- BEERS: An executive networking group for senior leaders from many disciplines
- DANG: Dana Alexander Networking Group
- TANG: The Apparel Networking Group
- OSPN: The Oregon Shoe People's Network
- VENG: Vanderhouwen Engineering Networking Group

Come keep your network alive! We hope to see you soon!


- Paste the link to your browser:

- Free parking in the "Garden Garage" at the North end of the building.
- Enter directly from the street level from the garage parking to the Moda Center and Rose Room.

Charlotte, NC Oct 10, 2016


6:00 PM to 8:00 PM


Dilworth Neighborhood Grille
911 E. Morehead Street
Charlotte, NC 28204



Updates and Tax Topics: Affordable Care Act - Current Reporting Implications
Speakers: Phil Geissinger, FHFMA, CMPE & TBD Local CPA

As we move toward the seventh year (2017) in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the execution of changes and responsibilities for organizations and individuals will be more pronounced. Changes in the insurance markets; reporting requirements for organizations to the IRS and to your employees; changes affecting your access to healthcare services and the impact of your role as a customer continuing to expand; and, the impact of tax penalties being applied to organizations and individuals, will be discussed.

During our presentation we will provide a high level review of the changes which have occurred to date from the Affordable Care Act and outline the expected changes which will occur over the next three years (2017 – 2019). The effects of change require re-direction in strategies for companies in how they are managing their employees and costs ; re-evaluation of their insurance benefit programs ; and, analysis of the effects on your overall financial performance strategies and product pricing. We will provide you a working outline of the business implications of the Act’s provisions and a time line for you to reference on when your decision making needs to be executed.

Phil Geissinger, FHFMA, CMPE (a F.E.N.G. Charlotte Chapter member with over 35 years of healthcare industry experience) will facilitate the presentation along with his guest speakers (Local CPAs). They will provide the attendees with useful take-aways from the session for both individual and organization actions to be considered.

Please remember: This is not Tom Maupin’s Chapter, this is your Chapter. Please come to this meeting and bring a fellow FENG member.

Also there will be a $5 minimum at this meeting and all future meetings held at Dilworth Grille. If you do not order food or drink in the amount of $5 or more, you will need to pay a $5 cover charge. The purpose of this is so that Dilworth Grille can continue to host our Charlotte Chapter without any "room charge". Thanks for your understanding.

RSVP Acceptance is required as we have limited seating. Please RSVP acceptance through The FENG website ( Please call Tom Maupin at 704-756-6609 or email: should you have trouble going through the website.


Dilworth Neighborhood Grille
911 E Morehead
St # 200
Charlotte, NC 28204
(704) 377-3808

Dilworth Neighborhood Grille is on the corner of Morehead and McDowell, next to The Big Chill.


Please call Tom Maupin on his cell phone (704) 756-6609 if you get lost or need additional information on the meeting.

Monthly chapter meetings are on the second Monday of the month, are casual and generally last an hour providing members time for 1:1 networking or small group gatherings for dinner or cocktails afterwards.

We would like to spend the first 30 to 60 minutes doing our rounds of introductions and network leads and then adjourn to a mutually agreed upon location for adult beverages and conversation.

Please mark your calendars and plan to attend!

The regular meeting agenda will include:

1. Introductions for first time attendees and exchange of resumes (bring 15 copies of your resume to share, or a brief objective and biographical summary). Bring name tent.
2. Sharing your 60-second announcement (optional).
3. Share individual search and success stories.
4. Share leads - Please make an effort to identify potential leads or contacts to share.
5. Bring your membership list.
6. Please try to be on time though we understand traffic can be a challenge.

Tom Maupin, Chairman Charlotte Chapter, The FENG
108 Weeping Spring Dr.
Mooresville, NC 28115
(704) 756-6609 Cell
(704) 887-9761 Office


Dilworth Neighborhood Grille is at the corner of Morehead and McDowell on the northeast corner. Overflow parking will be at the Addison Building parking deck across McDowell from the restaurant.

Chicago (Downtown), IL Oct 11, 2016


8:00 AM to 10:30 AM


Addison Group,
125 South Wacker Drive,
27th Floor,
Chicago, IL


Topic/Speaker - The Gray Hair Laws of Networking

Presentation by Scott Kane
Founder, Gray Hair Management

With a better than 80% chance that your next opportunity will come from someone you know, the Gray Hair Laws of Networking presentation will help you better understand how to use networking to:

Establish yourself as your own brand
Use your elevator speech to attract attention
Get yourself in front of the right person.
Scott Kane is founder and partner of Gray Hair Management, a career coaching and networking company helping senior professionals and executives enhance their careers and find new opportunities.

Using his experiences from helping people get jobs with the Gray Hair Management process, Scott has co-authored the book, Winning the Job Race: Pathways Through Transition, available on the Gray Hair website (www.grayhairmanagement. com) or on

We will also do networking amongst members and then a general discussion on job search topics and other topics that members might want to discuss.

We share new ideas on networking/career search topics as well as references/introductions into target company opportunities. We look forward to more interactive discussions for advice to conquer our career search challenges and provide additional introductions/references on opportunities we are pursuing.

Details are as follows:
(1) Business Casual attire is appropriate
(2) BYOBS - bring your own beverages/snacks
(3) Parking –The train is the best option as the meeting location a block from Union Station and 2 blocks from Ogilvie. There are several parking lots in the area: Jackson & Canal, Adams & Franklin, Monroe & Canal
(4) Suggested donation: $0.00
(5) Bring 35-40 copies of your resume/handbill

Alumni members are encouraged to attend this meeting and participate in the discussion - it is a great way to give back to the group, and to maintain and build your network.

We hope to see you at the FENG meeting. If you have any questions please contact:

Chicago (Downtown)Chapter Chairs:

Steve Eschbach
(312) 550-9965

Matt Oey
(312) 255-1887


Los Angeles (Orange County), CA Oct 11, 2016


8:00 AM to 9:00 AM


Webster University
32 Discovery Ste 250
Irvine, CA


Please park in the back of the building


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