EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

Tonight’s editorial will be short, but hopefully important.

How can I say this? Holiday weekends are great networking events. Consider you will likely be with family and friends who actually care about you.

If you are currently between assignments, you will have to initiate the conversation. Everyone will assume that you are in a sensitive mood and they will be afraid to bring it up. So, you have to bring it up.

A great story to begin a positive conversation about your search is to let them know you are a member of the largest networking group of senior financial officers in the entire world! (There we go being modest again.)

Share a story with them about how a member you didn’t know reached out to welcome you. Or, tell them about how several members responded to your request for assistance.

If you have been a member for more than a week, you MUST have a story about something you can share. This will get the conversation going on a positive note.

Remember, everyone knows someone who can help you if you lead them down the primrose path. Use your 90-second announcement, modified of course. Don’t assume even your relatives and close friends actually understand what you do. A little background, a few hints on target companies and your 90 year old grandmother may even have someone she can introduce you to.

And by the way, be sure to relax and have a good time.

You deserve a break over the next few days. There will be no one to call anyway. Enjoy the time off and you can get a fresh start with your mind clear after Labor Day.

Regards, Matt

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