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10/17/2018 – 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM (Reserve a spot at this event)


Mid-Town Manhattan


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About the Family Businesses S.I.G.

The Family Business SIG has roughly 4,400 members and is comprised of senior level executives, CFOs, controllers, family office managers, CPAs, various other professionals and outside advisors.

We endeavor to have monthly conference calls or networking meetings with guest speakers in the NY metro area. The meetings cover themes of interest to privately held companies, family businesses, entrepreneurs, private equity firms, venture capitalists and other private businesses types. Themes cover the role of:

- Risk management and insurance solutions
- Compliance & corporate governance
- Treasury/asset-liability management
- Taxation and legislative issues
- Qualified retirement plans; pensions, 401-K, IRA
- Human resource management
- Investment management
- Role of boards in privately held companies
- Buy/sell agreements and key man insurance
- New trends/issues impacting privately held companies

Typically meetings are held every 30-45 days based on venue and speaker availability. The purpose is to inform, engage audience, and create a meaningful Q&A and good interaction between speakers and audience with a pre-post card exchange/greeting with speakers and members of audience thus increasing interaction and networking for all involved. We encourage FENG members to get involved and contribute with ideas, speakers, venue selection or other suggestions as needed. The speakers are "experts" in their respective areas of interest and we try to attract an audience with knowledge, expertise and strong interest in theme discussed but meetings are open to all FENG members on a first come, first serve basis.

In addition, the Family Business SIG may have a business card/meet and greet event on a sporadic basis thus allowing FENG members to meet each other, network and exchange views with other professionals in an unstructured, relaxed setting. In addition to helping FENG members network with each other and guest speakers of interest, we aim to educate and inform all banking SIG members on new trends that shape privately held businesses on a day to day basis.

S.I.G. Leadership

Keith Langworthy
(908) 370-2968
Tom Hall

For Meeting Information, Please Contact:
Tom Hall