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Chapter Leadership

Milon Huda
+880 (01749) 237526
Mohimagonj,Gobindagonj,Gaibandha, Bangladesh

General Manager (Finance)
Action-oriented leader with a strong track record of performance in manufacturing and production of sugar businesses
Utilize keen analysis, insights and team approach to drive organizational improvements and implementation of best practices. Superior interpersonal skills, capable of resolving multiple and complex (sales, human resources, legal, financial, operational) issues and motivating staff to peak performance.
Proven areas of expertise include:
• Strategic Planning & Organizational Leadership
• Budgeting & Cost Management
• Sales, Marketing & New Business Development
• Process Design & Productivity Improvement
• Contract Negotiations & Strategic Alliances • Corporate & Investment Finance
• Growth & Expansion Strategies
• Profitability & Cost Analysis
• Systems & Technology Utilization
• Team Building & Performance Improvement

Rangpur Sugar Milld Ltd(a concern of Bangladesh Sugar & Food Corporation)
One of the largest manufacture concern of sugar and produce and develop sugar cane production north part of Bangladesh.Govt. set up firm to control sugar price .
General Manager (Finance), Jan 2014 – Present
Recruited by executive search firm to provide fiscal leadership of external reporting, tax, treasury, risk management, and procurement functions. Challenged to reduce expenses and build a consolidated accounting/ finance organization spanning , Wholesale Propane, and Communications. Worked closely with 3 LOB CFOs to review functions, staffing levels and operating expenses.

Notable Achievements:
• Led effort in attracting and developing finance talent in support of $7B business. Consolidated finance activities in tax, treasury, and corporate accounting, effectively increasing staff from 10 to 24.
o Accelerated cash flows by $21M through improved tax planning.
o Saved over $10M in potential taxes through accounting and tax treatment in support of divestment of propane LOB.
• Established centralized procurement team of 7 professionals achieving savings of $5 million in 2002.

• Key leader of Operation Excellence that eliminated $150M of SG&A costs through further organizational restructuring and cost reductions.
• Key member of team implementing enterprise-wide SAP ERP system.
• Closed and relocated the finance activities supporting BSFIC from Florida to South Dakota in 6-month period including re-hiring, training, and transitioning duties performed by 14 finance professionals.
• Coordinated effort to transition external accountants evaluated and selected new accounting firm and conducted re-audit .

SAM JOHNSON, CPA, Page 2 of 3
Rangpur Sugar Milld Ltd(a concern of Bangladesh Sugar & Food Corporation)
One of the largest manufacture concern of sugar and produce and develop sugar cane production north part of Bangladesh.Govt. set up firm to control sugar price .

Deputy MANAGER (ACCOUNTS) 2004 -2014
Reporting to CEO, recruited by executive search firm to leverage retail experience and drive operational and profit improvements. Over saw Strategic Planning, Finance, Information Technology, Merchandise Planning & Inventory Control, Print Production, Human Resources, Call Center Operations, Distribution, Supply Chain Management, and Retail Store Integration. Accountable for $145M operation and staff of 900. Provided strategic vision, championed formal planning process, tightened integration of operating departments and revised the organizational structure to meet growth and demands of the business.
Notable Achievements:
• Developed and implemented a comprehensive strategic planning process for the business providing greater definition of targeted customers. Improved alignment of merchandise with numerous defined markets resulting in sales at 130% of budget and 123% ($19M) of pre-tax profits.
• Worked closely with EVP of Merchandising to evaluate and analyze catalog profit performance from targeted customer segments resulting in 11% increase in per page productivity and identification of new market/ catalog that procured over $65M of new business.
• Championed the development and implementation of a Balanced Scorecard business performance reporting tool to evaluate monthly results against key success measures. Developed performance measures included financial, merchandise, marketing, selling and support, distribution, customer service metrics, channel performance, and information technology.
• Formalized seasonal merchandise planning process that helped achieve record inventory turnover rates and lowest markdown rates, effectively producing a 24% reduction in inventory over prior year.
• Oversaw operations of 24x7 inbound Call Center with 450+ agents. Directed implementation of tighter performance metrics, new incentives, and enhanced coaching/ training.
• Managed production and mailing of 75 million catalogs annually. Implemented strategic plan for Print Production Department that included RFP processes for printing services and paper purchasing resulting in expense reductions and cost increase avoidance in excess of $5M.
• Provided continuity of leadership and direction to the organization during the transition into the business of 3 new EVPs and the transition out of the business of 2 EVPs.