The FENG Tokyo, Japan Chapter

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About the Tokyo, Japan Chapter

The Tokyo Chapter is holding local and virtual meetings.

1. Local Meetings in Japan (Chairs: Rich Gundlach, Andrew Wheeler, and David Corbett)

2. Virtual Networking Chapter (Chairs: Keith Muncie and Tom Hall) serving the Japanese interests of FENG members that:

*... Currently reside in Japan
*... Have business ties to Japan (e.g. having lived and worked in Japan at an earlier time)
*... Work for a Japanese entity or affiliate; but are physically located outside of Japan
*... Live outside of Japan, but are exploring possible Japanese business initiatives

VIRTUAL MEETINGS: Due to Daylight Savings Time, please note the new times below.

*... Frequency: Tri-Annually - JANUARY-MAY-SEPTEMBER
*... Meeting Time and Duration (one hour in length)
........Pacific Standard Time (California): 5:00 AM
........Central Standard Time (Chicago): 7:00 AM
........Eastern Standard Time (New York): 8:00 AM
........Greenwich Mean Time (London): 1:00 PM
........Central European Time (Paris): 2:00 PM
........Japan Standard Time (Tokyo): 10:00 PM
*... Communication Method: Conference calls and/or web-based meetings
*... Topics:
........Traditional Networking - 90 second elevator pitches by a member
........Assistance request for Japanese related business situations
........Gaining better understanding of social and business norms between Japan and other countries
........Specific Fiance, Accounting, Treasury, Internal Audit, Risk Management and Information Technology related to Japan


*.... Tom Hall, CGMA, CPA, IFRS (New York)
*.... Keith Muncie, FCT, IOD (London)
*.... Rich Gundlach, JD, CPA (Tokyo)
*.... David P. Corbett, CA (Tokyo)
.... Andrew Wheeler (Tokyo)

Chapter Leadership

Tom Hall
(212) 933-4944
TOM HALL ... His firm, Iron Crest Partners LLC (COOs ... CFOs WITHOUT BORDERS) is a business, finance, accounting, treasury and internal auditing consortium of seasoned Subject Matter Expert (SME) executives. We served as a consultants and certified instructors in IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) for large and medium size Financial Services and Media Entities in New York since 2004.

Tom is a Board Director and Managing Director for "IRON CREST PARTNERS" in New York City (with offices in London, Tokyo, Cincinnati and Charleston also); Our SMEs focus on Risk Management, Cyber-security, Internal Audit Co-sourcing, Compliance and Modernization Advisory Services.

Tom is the CFO and Board Member for PEPPER LLC, a CLOUD based technology for Alternative Asset Management, based at 48 Wall Street in New York City. He also serves as a Board Advisor for "The Daily Shot BRIEF; a daily e-newsletter on Global Macro Events that has 20 thousand subscribers in 90 countries.

He has 30 years industry knowledge as a finance executive working with companies including World Gold Council, American Stock Transfer & Trust LLC, Marathon Petroleum Company, Marathon Oil Company, AIG, Atlantic Savings Bank, GSO Capital Partners (Member of The Blackstone Group), U.S. Steel Corporation and American Lawyer Media, Inc.; and seven years in public accounting, including KPMG.

Positions held include CEO, COO, CFO, Chief Accounting Officer, Controller, Treasurer and Chief Audit Executive. He is a Former Adjunct Assistant Professor at NEW YORK UNIVERSITY (NYU) specializing in IFRS and financial statement analysis instruction. He is the Co-Chair of The New York Audit Directors Roundtable of The Institute of Internal Auditors.

Tom Chairs the FENG's New York and Tokyo Chapters, plus the following SIGs ... Risk Management, Private Equity. Family Businesses/Offices, Asset Management, Media and Internal Auditing. Tom is a CGMA, CPA, MBA and IFRS Certified; and an alumnus of the University of Illinois, University of Toledo and Columbia University in New York.


p. 212.933.4944
Rick Gundlach
+81 (80) 96877188
Keith Muncie
+078 (91215) 528
David Corbett
+81 (80) 3124 1509