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10/20/2020 – 6:15 PM to 7:45 PM (Reserve a spot at this event)


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SPEAKER: Brenda Pryor, Tax Management Consultant, Personal Project Planner, and FENG Chapter Co-Chair

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6:15-6:30: Call to order, Zoom instructions (muting, raising hand, chat, questions, technical issues), agenda review, announcements, and introduction of presentation.
6:30-7:15: Presentation – Trello Templates vs Excel for Job Search Organization
7:15-7:45: 90-second announcements, adjournment

Using Trello to track your job search compared to using Excel. Put side by side, the difference can have a huge impact on your job search results. Trello is free, with a free mobile app.

- Introduction to Trello, a robust project management tool, is by many project-based businesses. Its simplistic design of Boards, Lists, and Cards allows for an easy set-up to capture action steps, making a list of contacts, and moving contacts through succeeding action steps easily. How to do each step is demonstrated.
- Reviewing the Trello Template which has each phase of the job lead life-cycle set up its own checklist of tasks to ensure the right things are pursued for each job lead consistently.
- Comparing the efficiency of Trello vs Excel for job search tracking
Brenda Pryor is a Tax Management Consultant with a personal project planner habit. She has over 35 years of experience as corporate tax executive, private office CFO, company controller and 8 years in public accounting. Brenda provides tax management consulting and contracting services for large corporate departments and small business owners. Brenda uses Trello for travel plans, home improvement projects, healthcare and maintenance schedule as well as for a job search and hopes others will find it as helpful as she has.

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About the Washington, DC Chapter

The Washington DC Metro Chapter consists of more than 1,750 members who are senior financial executives in industry, public sector, professional services and non-profit orgnaizations. Meetings are held approximately once per month and are attended by 25-30 members and guests.

Guests are welcome to attend if invited by an existing member. Potential guests who are senior financial executives may contact one of the Chairpersons for information about attending an upcoming meeting.

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Chapter Leadership

Brenda Pryor
Art Del Buono
(202) 326-3464
Art currently serves as Senior Advisor – Financial Analysis in the Bureau of Economics at the US Federal Trade Commission, supporting the various missions of the agency, especially the merger approval process. He has worked on such high-profile mergers as Proctor & Gamble/Gillette, Federated/May, Nestle’s/Dreyer’s, Johnson & Johnson/Pfizer, and Whole Foods/Wild Oats. His pre-government career included eight years with General Electric in various financial roles, regional controller for a printing company, and CFO of a distribution firm. Art received his MBA in finance and accounting from the Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University and completed the Financial Management Program at General Electric.
Ranjit Gupte
(703) 869-6057
Ranjit has worked in senior executive positions such as CFO, Controller, Head of Manufacturing and Chief of American Operations. He has worked internationally in India, Singapore and Malaysia. He is a licensed CPA with an MBA in Business Strategy from University of Pittsburgh, PA. Industry experience includes air conditioning, audio recording, machine tools, chemicals, crane manufacturing, refrigeration, electronic communication equipment and government contracting. He has headed international business development effort for the $20 Billion TATA Group from India in New York City.

For Meeting Information, Please Contact:
Art Del Buono
(202) 326-3464