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Subject: Budgeting & Planning Systems
Dan Toland
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Submitted on 05-31-11 2:43 pm
I have a client that is $50Million ot $60Million in annual revenue. They have outgrown the planning tools used - excel to MAS200. We are interested in the best third party web based programs that could interface easily to MAS200. Currently, 10 people are involved in the planning process which is done the traditional way (once a year).

Recommendations on reasonabley priced, user friendley packages would be appreciated.


Dan Toland
Hugh Glazer
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Subject: Re:Budgeting tools

Submitted on 06-01-11 12:15 pm.
Two years ago I reviewed 6-10 budgeting systems for a client roughly the same size as you describe.
Adaptive Planning was the hands down choice.

Contact me at if you want more into

Hugh Glazer Boston.

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John Harrington
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Subject: Re:Budgeting

Submitted on 06-13-11 12:12 pm.
I've been tracking Adaptive Planning (, which seems to have the feature set that you're looking for: web-based software-as-service, multi-entity, interfaces to common accounting systems, etc. The web site has a license cost estimator so you can see if it fits your budget.

I do not have direct experience with this software, but the features fit the requirements I've needed over the years for financial planning for mid-market companies.
Ken Crawford
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Subject: Re:Budgeting

Submitted on 06-17-11 4:46 pm.
At a former company I initiated the implementation of Host Analytics as or budgeting/forecasting (and eventually reporting) system. Like Adaptive Planning, it's cloud-based and can be implemented in less than two months. I'd compare the two before a decision is made, as I think Host has the advantage in consolidations and reporting (if that's an important criteria in your decision). Adaptive Planning was reviewed favorably as well during the selection process.
Dan Stansky
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Subject: Re:Budgeting

Submitted on 06-18-11 8:32 am.
Adaptive planning is the only one I will use