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Subject: Meeting Ideas and Input
David Stokes
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Submitted on 06-05-11 9:20 pm
I would like feedback on the first meetings of the Louisville Chapter and ideas to increase attendance. If the time and place should be changed, etc. In our first two "official" Chapter meeting meetings we have had a presentation on using LinkedIn to increase your marketing presence in both a career search and in marketing your business and a speaker discuss creating your brand and a 90 seconfd introduction. The next topic is on using Executive Search Firms in your transition.

All input is valuable. Thank you for your support.

David L. Stokes
Chapter Chairman
Louisville Chapter
Nelson Giordano
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Subject: Re:Meeting Ideas and Input

Submitted on 09-16-13 10:39 am.
Hello David,
I always like learning new Excel and Word "Power User" tricks. Maybe have one power trick per meeting, deligating to members to be the one to present. Get members engaged, and teach people a new method.

Make things fun, instead of the 60 sec commercial, have a 60 sec "something you did to coach a staff member".

Presentation on tricks to speeding up monthly closing, health plan renewals, discussion on new bank technologies, how have you made improvements to chaos...

Hey David, I have actually moved into a new career, getting my mortgage loan officer license and work for a mortgage lender (Residential Finance Corp). We are licensed to source loans in KY, I would love a referral from you if you can. I am building my business so I am hungry to please my customers! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Good Luck with building your chapter. This is my second year and I really like ours (Cincinnati). Take care!