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Subject: June 2012 Meeting Change to - June 13, 2012
Paul Martins
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Submitted on 05-14-12 10:01 pm
Hello Asset Management SIGroup Members,

As you all know we customarily have our meetings on the 1st Wednesday of each month. However, I received communication from FENG headquarters that the FENG and the FEI (Financial Executive International) groups will be hosting a join annual gala networking event in June. Unfortunately the event will be on June 6, the 1st Wednesday of June, which will conflict with our regular monthly meeting. This event will be a special opportunity for us to network with both FENG and FEI members.

With that in mine, we are rescheduling our June meeting from the 1st Wednesday in June to the 2nd Wednesday, June 13. Then everyone can take advantage both the annual join meeting of the FEI and FENG and our monthly meeting.

That would mean that both the June and the July meetings will be held on the 2nd Wednesday (June 13 and July 11) rather than the 1st, We will go back to our regular schedule meetings in August (August 1st).

See you soon,
Paul Martins
Rob Francess
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Subject: Re:June 2012 Meeting Change to - June 13, 2012

Submitted on 05-29-12 9:39 pm.
Paul - Do we have the ability to dial in remotely or via conference call to these meetings? I am located in New York.

Rob Francess