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Subject: Need help in networking Strategy
Mike Johnson
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Submitted on 11-20-12 11:37 am
I am 61 years old and have been looking for a new assignment for the last 12 months. I realize that game is over at larger firms. But I need help in developing a networking strategy directed to smaller firms. Any thoughts!
Al Cogossi
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Subject: Re:Need help in networking Strategy

Submitted on 11-20-12 3:37 pm.

This is hard which I am sure you know. But you must get out into your community by doing volunteer work, connect with your local "tech Incubator" groups, attend seminars offered by local community business organizations, church ministries, chamber of commerce events etc.

Smaller companies are always looking for help. But they tend to ask their business associates for assistance rather than advertise. So your networking into your community will provide you with contacts. Feel free to call me and we can discuss further.

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Al Cogossi
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Dave Goldin
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Subject: Re:Need help in networking Strategy

Submitted on 11-20-12 5:24 pm.
Mike, a large company may not be interested in hiring you as a manager or director, but do you have a specific skill that you can market to them? Large or small, there is a shortage of qualified people who do tax, technical accounting, and external or SEC reporting. It would be on a consulting basis, but if the compensation is there, would it matter to you?