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Subject: New skills/certifications
Sandy Goodman
Member: 2012
Submitted on 12-11-12 6:08 pm
I have had a 30+ year career in investment banking, corporate development and, most recently, CFO/CEO of two high growth start-ups. With this "non-traditional" background, I don't fit most job profiles. I have been considering adding some new skills (e.g., programming) or certifications. Wondering if anyone has done this recently and how it impacted your job search. Also, what added skills would be the most in demand?
Dave Goldin
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Subject: Re:New skills/certifications

Submitted on 12-12-12 9:47 pm.
Sandy, without having more information about your objectives, the quick answer is that becoming a CPA or certified with Hyperion or SAP applications is probably the most efficient way to strengthen your qualifications.

Technical accounting skills remain in demand despite reductions in other finance/accounting areas. And I constantly see listings for people who can implement or modify Hyperion or SAP. But again, it depends on where you are focused or want to be challenged next. Feel free to locate me in the member directory and send an email if you are interested in the CPA process.