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Subject: Opportunites within Commercial Banking
Mark Louer
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Submitted on 05-10-13 9:44 am
Good morning .

Having recently finished the strategy and business plan for a "de novo", here in Upstate N.Y., I would value your input concerning leadership and commercial lending opportunites within commercial banking. I am open for re-lo. A resume is available upon request.

As self-motivated and energized with an MBA in Finance, I have chaired Loan and ALCO Committees. As an experienced executive, qualifications would include:

•Community Bank leadership experience of 15 + years

•Credit and underwriting experience for business and consumer lending

•Member of ALCO to set deposit and loan rates for a Community bank

•Balance sheet management

•Budgeting and strategic planning for a community bank

•Risk rating loans and provisioning for loan losses; interfacing with regulators

•Resource management, including human and financial capital

•Motivator of sales teams; team facilitator and player. No one person is better than the whole of the team!

•Community involvement and visibility

For the past six years, I have been immersed within Community Banks, conference presentations, software sales, and directly working with their leaders.

Please note that after twenty plus years of commercial, consumer and residential lending, we were acquired at BSB Bank & Trust. As the Senior Lender, I was not retained.

Thanks. Look forward to your feedback
Mike Shea
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Subject: Re:Opportunites within Commercial Banking

Submitted on 05-25-13 2:04 pm.
Mark, let's connect. I have 25+ years Commerical/Investment Banking experience with the big banks. My last job was at Citigroup, which lasted a couple of months due to their financial condition. I have doing consulting for the last four years but trying to get back to what I enjoy, banking.

I can be reached at 203-210-5614 or
Mark Louer
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Subject: Re:Opportunites within Commercial Banking

Submitted on 05-25-13 5:23 pm.
Will do Mike.
Call you Tues or Wed