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Subject: Aduit Experience BCP Tier 1 Law and Reg
Don Browne
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Submitted on 10-16-13 11:46 am
Looking for anyone with audit experience related to BCP Tier 1 Law and Reg
BCP Tier 1 refers to businesses that back up their data and send these backups to an off-site storage facility. There are specific laws and regs that govern this.

Henry Dobry
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Subject: Re:Aduit Experience BCP Tier 1 Law and Reg

Submitted on 12-13-13 11:39 am.
Greetings Don!

Just discovered this post so a bit late to this one.

The FFIEC IT infobase maintains the rule and reg requirements for BCP, Incident Response and Pandamic PLanning.

The OCC is hammering shops - like me- for all of the above post-Sandy, flu season, etc. We need to demonstrate and doc a full recovery of business and ops to them. Somehow we passed!

I am a small shop here in Queens, but I have an audit template and plan that passed muster. Feel free to call me on this topic, one of my fav topics, and If I can support or answer your qeustion further.

Thanks and look forward to meeting you at next meet.

Henry Dobry