Topic: Austin, TX

Subject: Budgeting
Steve Huckabee
Member: 2003
Submitted on 02-19-15 3:27 pm
I am working with a small start-up. Everyone works out of their home. Revenue model is a royalty/licensing business. I am preparing a budget for investors. I can handle the revenue and direct cost associated with revenue. However, I need an estimate of office space cost.

Does anyone have an estimate of cost for rental space in Austin on a square foot basis which includes everything i.e it would include everything related to the space such as utilities, maintenance, utilities and office cleaning.

Also, does anyone have the average cost to run an office on a per person basis i.e postage, supplies, small tools etc. etc.

Any current budgets you have which I could use to extrapolate this information would be helpful. Of course it would be held in confidence and does not have to relate to your company. I am just looking for some ball park numbers. At this early stage, our historicals are useless. However, I can estimate employees, square footage and Revenue and Direct Costs associated with revenue.
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