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Subject: Welcome to the New FENG Forum for Treasury
Bruce Lynn
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Submitted on 01-03-10 8:48 am
Effective January 11 the FENG has created a new method for members to talk to each other, namely the FENG Forum.

After logging in there are two ways to use the forum:
o See all postings - members should select the "FENG Forum" from the menu on the left side of their screens to see all member postings.

From the list of topics presented look for any SIG or Chapter then search for the subject of interest to you. If you are a member you can post a reply to another members comments or initiate one yourself. Chapters and SIGs are in alphabetical order. Postings are in date order.

You can see the top postings or search for any topic in the forum

o See only postings from your chapter or SIG
If you only wish to see postings from your chapter or special interest groups (SIG) then go to your primary chapter (SIG) home page. You will see Forum postings JUST for your chapter (SIG) there.

As a member you can read and reply to any posting. By clicking on the name of the member who posted a previous reply you can see their background. Can be helpful in networking.

Members are expected to use this new feature wisely.(note: all postings include a member's name). Each forum is moderated and abuses over time will hurt everyone.

Try it - You will like it.
Sandy Kimmel
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Subject: Re:Welcome to the New FENG Forum for Treasury

Submitted on 06-18-13 4:59 pm.
We spoke earlier in the year about an article about Blackstone's Treasury Unit. As you might recall I worked in that unit before I was let go in June of 2011. I worked another year at Blackstone in their GSO unit I was finally laid off in June of 2012. In the interim I have been doing consulting work for a start up real estate firm in California. That program is now winding down and I was interested in knowing if anyone had any consulting projects or full time jobs for a treasury operations specialist in private equity, insurance or financial services?