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Subject: Job Search Connecticut and New York
Paul Vitti
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Submitted on 11-17-15 3:21 pm


In April of this year, Jeff Immelt announced General Electric’s intent to sell the GE Capital Corporation platforms that do not support the industrial business.

As a result, I have entered the job market in early October. I have found the internet job search (LinkedIn, Indeed and Glassdoor to be very frustrating.  I hopeful, a fellow FENG member can provide me with some guidance.

I was a GE Capital Corporation Managing Director with expansive credit, risk management, and sales experience. I have extensive expertise in the leveraged loan market with a focus on originating, underwriting, and managing asset-based and cash flow transactions.

In my last position I was recognized as a top performer in both originations and account management.  I sourced and evaluated potential investment opportunities in liquid, senior secured loans across a wide range of industries. I managed agent bank sales, structuring, and capital markets relationships, providing agents with early reads about the deals coming to market and affording GECC with investment opportunities.  I was also responsible for leading underwriting, compliance, and legal teams throughout the deal approval process from source to closing.


  Buy-side relationship manager for large money center Agent banks

  Asset Based and Cash Flow / Leveraged Loans

  Underwriting primary and secondary debt investments

  Mid-Market & Large-Cap Lending

  Underwriting & Documentation

  Portfolio / Relationship Management

  Financial Analysis & Modeling

  Project Management

  Regulatory Compliance

  Employee Development

  Six Sigma Black Belt Certified

My extensive experience has prepared me for a variety of roles in the financial market. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,

Paul Vitti


Paul A. Vitti

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Denise Alvarez
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Subject: Re:Job Search Connecticut and New York

Submitted on 11-19-15 11:39 am.
My position as a senior credit analyst was also eliminated recently, so I am beginning a job search. I have been working as an analyst for more than 10 years, but am considering a transition to a relationship manager type role.


Are you looking only in CT or will you be willing to go to NYC or Northern NJ? 


Just this morning I spoke to a recruiter who focuses on Northern NJ banks. She said that she has several opportunities for someone with a business development background. Don't know how NJ might fit for you, but I'd be happy to pass along her name, if you're interested. I will also send you a LinkedIn invitation to connect.


Kind regards,

Paul Vitti
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Subject: Re:Job Search Connecticut and New York

Submitted on 11-19-15 1:04 pm.

Hi Denise,

Thanks for your post. I'm open to Connecticut and the greater NY area. NJ is outside of my commute. If the recruiter covers NJ and NY I would like her information.

Thanks again for your post