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Subject: Networking for the first time in 10 years
Ella Sankisov
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Submitted on 12-02-15 4:52 pm

I know this post must seem a bit ridiculous given daily newsletters from Matt, however, I haven't looked for a job for over 10 years and working for a small company haven't done much networking at all and feeling overwhelmed with all the options available and not knowing how to approach any of them.

I should also admit to having difficulty with the concept all together. I specialize in the financial services industry and live in the SF Bay Area.

Any advice would be incredibly helpful and greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,

Ella Sankisov


Henry Dobry
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Subject: Re:Networking for the first time in 10 years

Submitted on 12-03-15 2:24 pm.

Hi Ella!

Nice to meet you! 

First, dont be so hard on yourself.  You just did network - and it worked because it got a response.  You reached out, quite well I might add, and piqued someone's interest and experience.  Second, you are in the financial services industry like me, so you have HAD to network to get things done, albeit internally in a small shop, you just don't think of it as netwoking internally.  It works both in and outside of shop.

I am in fin services for he past 30 YEARS, in small shops as well, and have been on maybe 3 or 4 job interviews my whole life.  I still suck at it and learning how to sit still, self my self and experience and my brand.

Were I lack in interview skills I more than make up for it participating in industry groups, or netwoking.  I know the folowing industry groups are very big and active in SF area:

FENG - has SIG groups for banking and the general groups,  for ideas, leads, and friends. 

ACAMS - for money laundering compliance pros - very big group in SF area

IIA - for internal audit pros

CFE - for fraud and law enforcement

CRCM - groups for regulatory compliance

RIA - for securities ind pros - as your expeiriece suggests.

I love toastmasters - for public speaking and presentation skills - I learned how to speak to and sway a board to get results

And my executive coach that is teaching me the art of politics, implementing levers of change, and how to win and wield influence which is a lifelong journey.

I hope this helps you a bit and please feel free to reach out to me to chat or exchange ideas.

And my heart and prayers goes out to the state of CA at this tragic time.


Henry Dobry

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New York, NY 10002

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Kurt Sung
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Subject: Re:Networking for the first time in 10 years

Submitted on 12-07-15 10:20 pm.

Hi Ella


Writing in freehand so pardon my grammer and other errors.  10 years is not too long.  Mine is 25 years and I am getting the hang of it.  This is what I would suggest.


1. Come up with a list of target companies, a long list.

2. Use "advanced search" function on FENG website to look for anyone working for any of the target company.

3. Send each an first-approach email with subject - from FENG Member, Request for Assistance and with message body consisting of maybe 3 paragraphs, each no more than 2 or 3 sentences to make it short, sweet and to the point, asking to schedule a networking call or in-person meeting. Attach not the full resume but a one-pager graphical resume.  When someone replies, then you can send a full resume.

4. Please email me at the address below for me to send you my own one-pager.


With Regards, Kurt


Kurt Sung


Carla Phillips
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Subject: Re:Networking for the first time in 10 years

Submitted on 12-08-15 10:59 am.

We all get busy with our families, jobs and commitments. You'll definitely want to ramp it up for a job search but also come up with an ongoing networking strategy that fits with your life.


Obviously make use of the FENG - - welcoming new members, going to local chapter meetings, and joining SIGs.


I would highly recommend you get active on LinkedIn - and make this an ongoing networking activity. Increase your connections on LinkedIn (FENG members, people you network with, referrals, current/former co-workers, friends & family to name a few), join groups, monitor jobs, etc. Most recruiters use LinkedIn so optimize your profile to ensure you can be found.


Be selective about the local/national networking groups you join. Evaluate who you are trying to connect with and join groups accordingly. Don't try to join everything. Try out different groups and consider YOUR needs. For example, if you are looking to connect with CFO's, the FENG and FEI are great resources. If you're looking to connect with CEOs, you'll want to consider groups with a lot of CEO members. Visit anything of interest but join the ones you consider meaningful.


Check out FREE events in your area. In person events are ideal for networking but free webinars are great for staying active and up-to-speed on topics. Check out the following for events in your area: chambers of commerce (big & smaller), business journal, entrepreneur centers, CPA firms, etc. Use MEETUP to find networking opportunities based on professional/personal interest.


Many churches offer job search groups - - check those out.


When you are networking with people, ask for referrals. Obviously you want to hear about jobs but referrals are easier for your contacts to give and referrals can lead to other referrals and jobs. For example, "I would appreciate referrals to any contacts you think might be helpful or open positions you hear about". Follow up on ALL referrals provided to you. You never know which lead will pay off.


Figure out your networking style and comfort level. You need to be able to network in any setting but you should consider your best tactics. For example, with a referral, you may find it easier to email them first and suggest meeting for coffee or a follow up phone call at their convenience.


Probably not necessary to state to a member of the FENG but go in with a "pay it forward" attitude. Ask people what you can do for them. It not only helps to establish rapport, it makes you feel like an equal participant in the networking equation versus someone needy asking for help.


Last but not least, SMILE!

Sandy Petty
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Subject: Re:Networking for the first time in 10 years

Submitted on 12-10-15 9:31 am.

Hi Ella,

I am seeing your post a few days in to it already... Those who have responded have given you all excellent suggestions.   Keep at it one day at a time until you figure out your style, and your comfort level with networking.  And definitely SMILE - your genuineness will shine through.




Dave Goldin
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Subject: Re:Networking for the first time in 10 years

Submitted on 12-17-15 3:13 pm.

Ella, I would also talk to your college.  Often they have career services for alumni and networking with other graduates is made easier by the fact you have something in common.

Also agree with what one responder said about taking it a day at a time.  Not easy to do but one way to keep sane.