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Martin Kelleher
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Submitted on 12-24-15 12:34 pm


I recently relocated to Raleigh from Boston. I belong to a HTFEN Google group in Boston with almost 500 members and 3,000 postings. I'd like to replicate that tool here in the Triangle.

This HTFEN-Triangle represents a desire to get quick and accurate answers to the frequent questions we seem to have. Most of us have solved all of these questions and the collective group's experience is a powerful to make us all more productive. Most of the group members belong to high tech or have worked at high tech companies.

Typical qs are:  what merit increases are you targeting this year? Who has a contact in London/Dublin/Montreal/Milan/Sao Paulo as I need to set up a branch office there? Can I get a performance review template? I have additional space that I want to sub-let. I need to find office space.  I need a 409A valuation. Recruiting: I need to find a great controller/accountant/VP finance OR I have a resume of a great controller. I need a good lawyer to negotiate a term sheet. I want to raise venture debt- what are the best firms and expected terms? Can I get a bookings policy for a SaaS business? I need a Salesforce consultant. Sales comp plans for a Enterprise SW. Option pool size qs. Health insurance plans. Work from home policy.

Etiquette:  Members post questions. Other Members respond -no cc all! Member who posted question circles back with summary of responses.  If necessary I (Martin Kelleher+ one other TBD) moderate.

Please drop me an email to get an invite to join:


Martin Kelleher 978 314 8618.

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