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Subject: CFO Services Career Choice
Kerry Christofanelli
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Submitted on 02-21-16 11:01 pm


Last year I entered another transition phase in my career.  The last few years in my last position were fairly financially rewarding so I have found that I am minimally interested in another traditional job.  It isn't that there isn't a traditional job out there I would like but either I didn't find it or it didn't find me.

I have lots of things to do but I missed being involved in business so I decided to enter the cottage industry of providing CFO services, aka being a part-time CFO.  Surprisingly there are a lot of entities operating in this space with many different operating models.  These models run the gamut from employment agencies to partnerships requiring a buy-in.

If you are considering working in this type of position I have two recommendations.  First, don't approach it as "temporary job", successful CFO service providers can make as much money as in a traditional job with much, much more flexibility.  Second, check out the options.  If you do a simple internet search for "part-time CFO" you will find most of the firms in this area, although not the employment agencies.   If you would like to reach out to me to get the benefit of my experiences I can be found on Linked-In and am very response to network requests.


Kerry Christofanelli CPA

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