Topic: Boston, MA

Subject: I invite you to join the new Boston Chapter Group on LinkedIn.
Hugh Glazer
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Submitted on 02-24-16 11:32 am
Dear Boston Chapter Member:


I invite you to join the new Boston Chapter Group on LinkedIn.


As an adjunct to the FENG Forum the goal of the Boston LinkedIn Group is to foster member to member communication and provide a vehicle for members to reach out to each other to tap the power and the breath of the group thinking on the day to day challenges we face in the senior financial role.


Examples of topics for discussion:

-Best practices

-Resources for services, systems, equipment

-Peer to peer support for unique challenges 


During this brief introductory period the group has Standard status,  which means on LinkedIn you can search for it by name and request to join.

After this period ends, the group will revert to unlisted status, which means new members will need to receive an invitation to join.


To join please contact me via LinkedIn ( or while we are in Standard status request an invitation to join the group via LinkedIn. 


In either case, include this code "C3ltics" in your subject line or message to help me confim you are a FENG member.


The offiical  group name is "Boston Chapter -Financial Executives Networking Group (The FENG)"




Hugh Glazer
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