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Subject: How do you move from consulting position to an opportunity in a company?
Dave Goldin
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Submitted on 06-03-16 12:07 pm

Most of my experience over the last few years has been in consulting, primarily financial reporting (including SEC work) and complex transactions.  On occasion I apply for permanent opportunties when the company and position appear interesting and the requirements match up.  Inevitablty the "why do you want to leave consulting" question comes up and I answer based on wanting to again be part of a team and get involved with cross-functional management responsibilities.

My impression is that I am either not convincing enough, hiring managers (and HR) do not understanding project consulting, or they perceive me as "once a consultant always a consultant".  I understand that consultants do get hired for permanent roles in the company for which they are engaged, but was wondering if anyone ever went from being a consultant to a non-related company position and how this was accomplished.




Mike Topa
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Subject: Re:How do you move from consulting position to an opportunity in a company?

Submitted on 06-10-16 8:57 am.

I have been working as a consultant in between PE gigs and haven't run into this issue.  Most seem to understand consulting has been a bridge between "employement".  I actually use it as a competitive offer to any position used as effectively I am already employed.  My view is the new position has to provide something substantially better or be closer to what I am seeking professionally.  Perhaps the reason the offer is not made is something else, which is unfortunately hard to determine.  I suggest being very focused on why you would want to leave consulting, similarly to why you would switch jobs and have a clear message as to why the position you are seeking is a better alternative professionally.