Topic: Austin, TX

Subject: Seeking to Form a New Business Partnership
Steve Wintner
Member: 2016
Submitted on 09-14-16 5:00 pm

I am a retired architect and have been a self-employed management consultant for 30+ years.  I am seeking to create a new financial management software system for design professionals (my clients & colleagues).

I am seeking a qualified, experienced software programmer/developer to create the accounting data entry portion of the software system.

I have a 'partner' who has started writing code for the numerous components of the system.  I developed the system in 1994 and have been using it, in an Excel Spreadheet platform, with all of my clients since that time.  I want to now create a commercially available system that reflects the system I created.

If you have this level of expertise, or know of someone who does, I would like very much to discuss this endeavor with you, at your convenience.

Thank you for your interest,

Steve L. Wuintner, AIA Emeritus



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