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Subject: Corporate Controller - Temporary Position
Ed McKenna
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Submitted on 06-30-17 8:21 pm

Our Corporate Controller has decided to move on now that the PE firm which owns our company has it for sale.  I am looking for someone to step into the role while we complete the due diligence/sales process.  Individual would be responsible for all all accounting functions, Financial reporting, month-end close, multi-state tax reporting, diligence assistance and administrative functions.  We are a small company with 30+ employees so this position wears many hats.  This is a temporary position to bridge the void while we complete the process and see what the new onwers have in mind.  The office is located in Westlake Village CA and the individual will be based there to oversee 2 part-time accounting staff.  Comp is budgeted at $150k/annum.

If it sound intereting or you have any questions please contact me.


George Coupe
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Subject: Re:Corporate Controller - Temporary Position

Submitted on 07-08-17 3:42 pm.


The position sounds interesting and similar to my last CFO job. (25 employees, public SEC reporting company, Robot manufacturing.) My resume is posted in below. Let me know if you want to discuss it further. My wife and I are "home alone" and have grandchildren on both coasts, so we are comfortable with either environment. (See Kingston Systems - from 2001 to 2010)

George Coupe 603-883-1992, Nashua, NH 03064


George J. Coupe, CFO, CPA & Chief Operating Officer

15 Brookline St., Nashua, NH 03064                   

(603) 883-1992 -              


Executive Summary

  • Expert at “Best in Class” Improvements & Change Management.

  • Manufacturing Industry to Financial Services – Ford Finance to Robot Co Founder

  • U.S. Champion Athlete - 1st in YMCA Masters Swim Nat’ls. – 50 Free in 2014


Management Style, Skills and Accomplishments - Saved 4 of last 6 firms served.

  • Thrives in an environment of Industrial Excellence and Professionalism.

  • Legacy of honor-bound protection of reports-to colleague and firm interests - even if at the expense of personal interests. Built trustful relationships with team-mates.

  • Expert co-developer and implementer of management team’s business plans and operations, inspiring senior executive team to insure unit objectives are met.

  • Leads teams producing flawless and timely reports to management and the SEC

  • Installs best practices. Leads by example and mentoring. Collaborative.


Professional Experience

Internal Revenue Service                  Revenue Agent                            09/2016 to 07/2017  

The Revenue Agent position is the most sought-after position within the IRS – the position where the most and best opportunities for promotion exist in that huge operation – with over 70,000 employees.  Coupe was the only employee hired from outside the IRS (i.e., from the “Private Sector”) of the 12 persons hired last year (2016) in the Boston area, of about 300 persons hired nation-wide then - in about 30 cities – for the 1st time in over 7 years. Accomplishments:

  • Devised & proposed three models – and the associated action plans and steps designed to greatly improve results in (a) Training new agents from both inside and outside the organization, (b) On-boarding new agents, especially those from outside the IRS, & (c) Congressional relationships – resolving the extremely poor current rapport between Congress and the IRS Commissioner.


Investment Advisor Co (Name Disclosed If Consented) Compliance Consultant   2012 to 2014

Through a 3rd party Consulting Co., was Compliance Consultant for an investment advisor - money management firm of 44 employees and $30 million in revenues. Accomplishments:

  • Saved Firm. Leading the company’s first restructuring of its internal controls to insure it’s in full compliance with the SEC rules regarding Fees & Commissions.


Hubbardton Forge (Thru Robert Half Consulting)      Acting Controller      2010 to 2011

Hubbardton is a 200 employee, $30 million Manufacturer and distributor of high-end custom lighting fixtures for homes and commercial use. Heavy China supply experience.

Accomplishments (As acting Controller and deputy to six-sigma CFO) –

  • Led the company’s restructuring of its cost accounting software, removing non-GAAP costs as part of a Private Equity Group owner’s (i.e., Lineage) supported plan of new CEO and CFO to better manage margins, pricing and profitability.


Kingston Systems, Inc.  Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer   2001 to 2010

Kingston (KSI) - High growth $36 mil. (2nd Yr. of startup plan.) 28 person business group. KSI is a publicly-owned (SEC Reporting) holding company that owns $1 mil/yr Parallel Robotics – a high tech manufacturer of robotic equipment for automotive, defense, and aerospace applications - sold to customers internationally. Also COO of Holo-Dek Gaming (an affiliate of KSI) a firm providing video game retail theater internet experiences. Successfully guided acquisition integration in reverse merger. Accomplishments:

  • Saved firm Founder, CFO/VP Fin and COO of Parallel Robotics. Also co-founder, CFO/VP Fin, and COO of Holo-Dek.  The plan was to start-up Holo-Dek to buy a number of Parallel robots as a motion base in video game flight sims to be installed at each gaming center. Flight sims were also FAA qualified for GA pilot training. 

  • Installed Six-Sigma systems in Manufacturing Operations.

  • Built Best in Class cash flow forecast models for combined units & managed to plan.

  • Built & led financial team producing accurate & timely financials reports to SEC.

  • Replaced QuickBooks with Net Suite Acctg/ERP – comparable to Oracle or SAP.

  • As head of Human Resources developed mission statement & diverse firm culture.


Financial Management Services (FMS)             CFO for Hire                        1984 to 2000 

FMS is the “CFO for hire” consulting company of George Coupe with 6 Client Firms.

(Sales $3 to $25 million each). The company provides CFO services to start-ups or to high tech aerospace, telecom and PCB equipment building firms too small to hire their own senior financial manager, but big enough to need one. Accomplishments - Saved 2 Firms

  • Reinvented most clients into strongly funded, successful ventures in new markets.

  • Provided weekly on-site Best in Class CFO services- often to multiple clients, e.g., to small, pre-IPO, or fast-growing high-tech manufacturers making micro-processors, aerospace, telecom, and printed circuit board (PCB) equipment.

  • Built accountability tracking of actual to plan for management teams at each firm.

  • Successful funding experience with VC’s, Banks and private equity investors.


Joslyn Stainless Steel                     Director of Finance                                     1983 to 1984

Joslyn was a $60 million stainless rolling mill that had long been independent but had recently been acquired by a much larger Canadian steel manufacturing company. Accomplishments

  • Led the transition from an independent operation to building the structure and operations for the parent-sub reporting with the Canadian parent company.


Portec                                                 Corp. Controller                                          1982 to 1983

Portec - a $350 mil. Railroad maintenance equipment and rail car manufacturer with 10 divisions. Publicly traded – SEC compliant. Accomplishments  - “Best in Class” installed.

  • Assisted new COO and CFO team implement Ford tracking to objectives culture.

  • Developed monthly and weekly actual to forecast tracking for 10 divisions.


Chicago Extruded Metals (CXM)             Corp. Controller                              1978 to 1981

“CXM” ($70 million in sales) is one of the leading producers in the brass extruded products industry. Accomplishments -

  • Implemented an internal audit activity to insure that each of the plants there were in continuous compliance with the company’s reporting and financial internal controls. Improved the financial controls over product and overhead costs.


 Sciaky Bros., Inc.                            Chief Financial Officer                             1975 to 1978

Sciaky ($25 million in sales) was the leading electron-beam welding equipment manufacturer in the world, with a strong presence in the aerospace, nuclear, oil drilling and automotive markets. Accomplishments - .

  • Played a key role in changing the culture from a cost-plus government contracting company to a management-by-objectives, fixed-price equipment company, with strong engineering design and shop cost controls to achieve quoted margins. 


Ford Motor Company                    Senior Staff Accountant                             1971 to 1975

Personally responsible for consolidating the world-wide Ford Income Statement and 36 foreign subsidiaries Balance Sheet for the quarterly& annual SEC reports.

Accomplishments – Within the “Best in Class” culture – epitomized then & now by Ford.

  • Wrote the 1st Ford Finance Manual instructions for translating foreign currency statements into US Dollars. Coopers (now PWC) reviewed and approved “as is”.

  • Was Finance Staff person responsible for the original Ford Export Subsidiary accounting procedure and for responsibility over Transfer Pricing Compliance Review for export tax credit compliance purposes.

  • Assisted Allen Wear with APB 28 & APB 30. (Mr. Wear was an Assistant Controller at Ford and he concurrently was on the Accounting Principles Board. I was chosen to assist him in discussing and drafting two APB’s during his tenure on the APB, i.e., APB 28 - Interim Reports and APB 30 - Extraordinary Events.) FASB precursor.



Education & Certification.  Bachelor’s from Northwestern University (Accounting Major), CPA, and MBA from the University of Chicago (Majored in MIS – Management Information Systems - 1971).


  •  Studied under the Nobel Prize-Winning Finance Professor at the U of Chicago - Merton H. Miller - as well as renowned Statistics Professor and TQM author Harry V. Roberts.

Ed McKenna
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Subject: Re:Corporate Controller - Temporary Position

Submitted on 07-11-17 11:48 pm.

Thanks to all that were interested. I have identified a candidate.

Glenn Hines
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Subject: Re:Corporate Controller - Temporary Position

Submitted on 07-30-17 4:25 pm.



Is this position still open?  I have amny years experience with private equity owned companies.

Thank you,

Glenn Hines

Phoenix, AZ

603-387-9304 (Cell)