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Subject: Seeking Partner in Networking
Jim Owens
Member: 2012
Submitted on 10-30-17 11:43 am

A colleague is launching an entrepreneurial project and seeks a partner who is interested in joining the partnership and networking for prospective clients.  The team is limited to two partners at this time -- a seasoned operations / supply chain expert with international experience and an experienced interim CFO who has a strong background integrating acqusitions and preparing companies for ownership change.  

The team is currently advising a business leader who seeks capital to roll up existing franchises.  A second project is supporting an experienced manufacturing executive in an acquisition of a dormant industrial manufacturing plant.  In a third project, the team completed a strategic planning exercise which resulted in doubling throughput for a capital equipment manufacturer.  

For more information, please send a message of interest to

Mike Cunningham
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Subject: Re:Seeking Partner in Networking

Submitted on 11-14-17 2:04 pm.

Jim -

My name is Mike Cunningham and I have been a CPA since 1987.  I have overseen plant start-ups, moves and restored dormat plants on several continents.  If you still need help, please call me at 817-694-8708 to discuss further.


John Kuhn
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Subject: Re:Seeking Partner in Networking

Submitted on 12-07-17 7:46 am.

Hi Jim,


If you are looking for someone to help raise capital, I may be able to help.  I'm at 203-520-4510.




Steve Vogel
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Subject: Re:Seeking Partner in Networking

Submitted on 12-11-17 3:37 pm.

I am available to help in the management of acquisitions having absorbed several in my past.

One of them was merging two public companies. Also have the tickets, Wharton MBA,

CPA, JD, etc.

steve G Vogel