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Subject: Tax CPA for Small Multinational Clients
Joe Faris
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Submitted on 05-13-18 7:48 pm


Looking for a solo CPA or small CPA firm that specializes in taxation for US Companies with foreign subsidiaries. 


We have a significant number of tax clients (all tech startups – all DE C Corps) whereby we prepare their US tax returns, including Forms 5471/926/FBARs, etc. for their foreign subs.  The new tax law has added many complexities and new, complex calculations for these clients and we are entertaining thoughts of either adding staff that has this expertise or, preferably, other arrangements.


One idea is for us to continue to service these clients, but to find a solo CPA or small CPA firm that specializes in this area.  We can do a very attractive revenue share with them.


This can be a very nice deal for a solo CPA or small firm with this expertise, as we have a significant number of multinational clients and this business is growing rapidly.  Really needs to be someone, though, that has a deep understanding of the taxation of multinational corporations and has bandwidth.


We service clients throughout the US, so the CPA or firm can be located anywhere in the US.  We work very well remotely.


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Joe Faris, CPA



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