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Subject: Sage SQL vs non-SQL versions
Aaron Brown
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Submitted on 06-04-18 11:21 am

We are currently looking at updating our SAGE ERP to the 2018 release and I am considering moving the company to the SQL version.  I have my definate opinion but would very much like to get some input or feedback from others more familiar with this system on the advantages or dis-advantages based on your experience.

Please let me know if you have a few moments to share your experience with me on this I would enjoy speaking or meeting with you.


Best regards,

Ahern Brown

Brien Harrison
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Subject: Re:Sage SQL vs non-SQL versions

Submitted on 06-04-18 11:35 pm.

Hello, this is Brien Harrison. I did a major upgrade to SQL several years ago with Sage. Our accounting system was Sage Timberline and we upgraded our servers and operationg system. Here is my thoughts, 1. SQL is more robust, I liked it. But your servers need to be up to speed to handle the load. 2. With the enhanced operating system then it was logical to upgrade Sage Timberline as well. I definately saw updates to new versions run faster. A lot faster! This was nice because Brien could go home and see the wife instead of staying late at night waiting for the upgrads or launching it and then coming back say on a Saturday or Sunday. I always kicked everyone out when I was doing upgrades so having faster turnaround allowed users to get in sooner.