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Subject: Using Salesforce rather than a full ERP for distribution and reverse logistics.
Steve Feaster
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Submitted on 06-07-18 9:57 am

My supply-chain services company (primarily CE parts distribution and reverse logistics) is considering options for replacing our aging ERP systems.  Most relevant ERP's (NetSuite, Dynamics, etc) carry hefty pricetags with lengthy implementations.  Has anyone used a Salesforce-based system in this area?  Any opinions/research/experience on the relative costs and effectiveness for warehouse management, supply-chain services, and so forth?

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David Fowler
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Subject: Re:Using Salesforce rather than a full ERP for distribution and reverse logistics.

Submitted on 07-17-18 9:55 pm.


I inherited Netsuite at my last company (CFO). It had limitations when querying down to a certain level or across data (even when attempted by the five-figure salary employee our CEO had on staff just to adminstrate it, run queries for head of sales, etc.). I mentioned my challenges / its limitations to their regional (sales/BD) VP who happened to be seated next to me at one of our monthly FEI breakfasts. She never responded. A few months later we chanced to sit together again; she immediately publicly apologized at our full table (!) for not responding to my questiosn some months earlier (and which she confessed she still "owed me") re problems I encountered in using her software! I have still never received a call. In fact when I tried to contact them directly, they want to refer to (for fee) third party service provider.

My recommendations - avoid Netsuite like the plague; it's problematic, has no company support but send scustomers to third party (for fee) "partner". I've found microsoft offerings (e.g. Navision) to be better.  You're smart to avoid it. My $0.02.