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Subject: help needed - hiring project managers with bachelors degree in engineering
Jim McDonald
Member: 2009
Submitted on 06-09-18 7:03 am

Dear good friends of FENG,


I have been hiring Project Managers for our real estate development / construction projects. Probably many of you are also directly / indirectly involved in the hiring of non-accountants for your companies.

Several years ago we learned that hiring project managers who hold bachelor degrees in engineering lead to phenomenal results - all due to the knowledge the employees gained through the engineering degree.

We are sponsoring one of those Project Manager via the H1B visa process. 

It would help me immensely if one of you (or your collegues) who have also sought to hire Project Managers with a bachelors degree in engineering could provide a one or two sentence letter, stating this.  I am making the case that having such a degree is not unique to Magnum Real Estate Group.  Yes I have job advertisements from other companies that support that position.  However a letter from an actual company who hires similarly would add credibility to my position.

If you can assist me I would be very greatfu. 

Contact me if you have any questions.  475-217-6453 and


Thank you so much!





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