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Subject: Transitioning to a Professional Employer Organization
Ray Cushmore
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Submitted on 07-13-18 12:42 pm

We are considering transitioning to a professional employer organization (PEO) for our benefits and payroll support.  We are currently reviewing proposals so we do not need to hear from PEO providers - would like responses from PEO clients only.  Want to understand how the process went and what pitfalls to avoid.


Ray Cushmore

Carolyn Sherry
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Subject: Re:Transitioning to a Professional Employer Organization

Submitted on 04-18-19 5:08 pm.

I worked with TriNet Passport (it was chosen prior to my joining the company so I had no input). Overall, I found their system easy to use. Issues that I found were that the delivery of the reports was often late on the day prior to funding. If there was a discrepancy or error, that did not leave a tremondous amount of time for corrections.

Another issue revolved around special requests. We had one employee that requested a cash advance. The employee understandably had to sign a form authorizing the repayment to the company. I found it necessary to follow up with the TriNet contact to ensure that the form was received and recorded.