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Subject: Banking/Asset Mgt. Deal Seeks Other Half - $250K Annual Payout, First Portion, $1.25 Million Total
Bob Darbee
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Submitted on 07-16-18 2:27 pm

Banking/Asset Management Deal Looking for Other Half - $250K Initial Annual Payout for the First Portion of that Other Half.  Total $1.25 Million Annual Payout at Full Funding. (Seriously - this is NOT a commercial ad.)

I have an outstanding deal.   Need the other half.


(By way of bona fides . . . I am a 15-year FENG member and past President, The Bank of New York Trust Company, institutional investment arm of the parent.)


If you can assist by successfully identifying that other half (or a portion) - a funding source (investor/investors) - likely via the high net worth or smaller institutional sectors -  2 1/2% of principal will be paid to you each year as a perpetual trailer.  


Securities (Registered Representative) registration is NOT required for this.

More . . .


“Bridges 1” is a new Bridge Loan fund under a veteran management group with which I have collaborated for more than 15 years on a number of successful projects.  


(I personally have secured commitments of $170 million through this group for small cap equity transactions I have engineered.  Overall their equity activity exceeds $500 million.  This is an extension of that work.)


To establish this pool "Bridges 1" is issuing short duration fully-secured notes - quarterly initial maturity, then renewable quarterly at client option.


The fund is seeking up to $50 million, with a focus on the first $10 million initially.  Gross payout to any party - You - who can assist in this raise would be 2 1/2% perpetual trailer.  Thus, someone savvy enough to do that first $10 million would receive a $250,000 perpetual annuity so long as the notes are in place.


Similarly for any portion - or all - of the initial $10 million or total at $50 million.  Total payout at full funding: $1.25 million/year.


Bridges 1 is a debt-funded product not requiring registration - for either the deal or individuals - as it involves investor notes, not securities, per the fund attorneys.  


The fund seeks minimum $500K commitments and will pay to investors a 12% coupon on the first $10 million of notes, 10% thereafter  - maturing in one year and then, as noted, renewable quarterly by mutual agreement thus short duration in a rising rate environment.  You will be paid a 2 1/2% perpetual trailer on any portion you successfully introduce.


There are no lock-ups or management fees.


The purpose is to provide secured bridge loans to companies holding executed engagement letters with recognized B/Ds for permanent financing via either a registered secondary or a Reg A+ transaction.  Channels for ample deal flow are already in place.  This has shown to be a pocket niche of largely unfulfilled but significant demand.




1) Up to $50 million in notes - 2 1/2% perpetual trailer paid to you on any investor portion you successfully introduce.

2) Thus. . . $250K payout on the first $10 million, $1.25 million payout on entire $50 million.

3) 12 month initial maturity, mutually renewable quarterly in perpetuity - short duration. 

4) 12% coupon first $10 million, 10% thereafter.

5) No management fee.

6) No lockup.

7) Portfolio of well-secured bridge loans. 

8) Bridge loans only to companies with signed engagement letters for permanent financing

9) Seasoned management team with more than 30 years banking experience in the target small cap sector



This is a very serious and genuine endeavor seeking constructive responses to this posting.


Contact me for further details if you have questions or qualified candidates on the funding half of this deal.



- Bob


Robert S. (Bob) Darbee
Managing Director
Omni Capital Corporation
44 West 74th Street

New York, NY  10023


Dean Semon
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Subject: Re:Banking/Asset Mgt. Deal

Submitted on 07-18-18 8:12 pm.

What do you have in the way of presentation details?  I have an UHNW group currently invested in bridge loan/hard money space and may have further appetite.  They are pretty detailed in due diligence on principals, opportunity, track record and require ability to have close oversight of the commitment.