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Subject: Fun ways to learn about new technology and network for free!
Sigrid Stropnik
Member: 2018
Submitted on 07-19-18 12:59 am

Dear fellow FENG members,

One way of staying on top of new technologies & trends while at the same time networking with people from many different industries, is by visiting tech events. The good news: there are many in NYC and many of them are even free. 

My 2 key sources when looking for tech events in NYC are:

1. Meetup - (sign up for free and search for NY Tech meetups - there are hundreds!)

2. GarysGuide - (sign up for newsletter)

I am sure there are many other events and ways to learn about them. But just these 2 sources give me all the information I need to keep me busy.

It was at one of these meetup events organized by the Disruptive Technologists earlier this year that I decided to get involved. I am now their VP Business Development on a voluntary basis. My task is to help grow the community and the events. I can highly recommend getting involved in such organizations. You can learn a lot about social media content and rules, digital and influencer marketing, sponsorships, and much more. 

And since we are at it: Disruptive Technologists are organizing their next FREE event on July 30th at the Microsoft office/ Time Square. Topic: Digital Preservation, Privacy, Protocols :

What is Digital Preservation? In library and archival science, digital preservation means ensuring that digital information of continuing value remains accessible and usable. What is Digital Privacy? There are many dimensions to our digital worlds. We buy everything online. We entertain ourselves with endless piles of digital content. We communicate and socialize with friends and colleagues. We’re all digital, all the time. But what we do, what we buy, who we visit and what we think is now on sale. And can Blockchain solve either of these challenges?

Please sign up by Monday June 23 on the meetup site:

Let me know if you have any comments or feedback.

Kind regards,


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