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Isabelle Ryan
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I'm looking to attend a chapter meeting but haven't been in quite some time. I know attendees usually have a one page sheet their typically distribute providing information about themself. Would anyone be willing to share an example so that I may prepare mine/model off others prior to the first meeting? Also, if anyone is aware of a good deal on business cards, I would appreciate the insight.


Judy Tomsovic
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Subject: Re:Meeting Materials

Submitted on 10-09-18 2:26 am.

Hi Isabelle --


Welcome back to the world of networking!


Typically you would bring to the chapter meetings a one-page "networking brief" that's intended to help others help you by describing your:


- Branding statement - Who you are, what you do, how you add value, etc.

- Career history - Very basic, just company names, position titles, years of employment.  You can expand in person as needed.

- Future direction - Target roles, industries, companies, professional organizations you're considering, contacts you're seeking, etc.


This is an informal document with talking points for networking, rather than something to give to prospective employers or recruiters.  The format is really up to you.  I'm happy to share mine, but I don't see a function to attach a document here.  Please email me directly if you'd like to see what I've put together.  (Other members, please let me know if I'm somehow overlooking the attachment function on the message board.)


Regarding business cards, you can get a small batch printed relatively inexpensively by Vista Print or Shutterfly.  If you're in a hurry, you can get 8x11 business card stock at Staples or Office Depot and print at home.  I used Avery's "Clean Edge" form #8877 -- they have a large selection of free templates online -- and I'm very satisfied with the results.  These cards are not as robust as what you'd get from a printer, and you probably wouldn't want to use them to promote a business, but I think they're fine for networking.


As noted, please email me directly if you'd like a copy of my networking brief to use as a template.  Best of luck to you!


Judy Tomsovic

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Fremont, CA (SF Bay Area)