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Subject: Wind Farm - COA Short Term and Long Term Inventory
Jeff Woller
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Submitted on 10-23-18 6:12 pm

Call for help.


Industry: Wind Farm

My client is a Wind Farm company undergoing ERP upgrade implementation and wants to reduce the number of GL Accounts by condensing Short Term Inventory with Long Term Inventory.

Does any one have suggestions or experience with such?  How did they handle or address as a best practice?  Any industry norms??

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Thank you!

Jeff Woller, MBA

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Stephen Nunes
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Subject: Re:Wind Farm - COA Short Term and Long Term Inventory

Submitted on 11-06-18 3:42 pm.

Jeff - are you still looking for advice on this topic? I'm not familiar with the Windfarm business, but I have a strong background in manufacturing, and hence dealing with stocked inventory. I suspect your usage of the term may mean something else here, as we are talking about energy generating capacity. I've also been part of the accounting implementation team for several ERP implementations (in fact I'm working on one right now), so am familiar with the "nuts and bolts" efforts of the implementation itself. If nothing else, I'd be happy to be a sounding board for any ideas you may have..

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