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Subject: Seeking corporate pilot for employee engagement survey
Vicky Sydorowicz
Member: 2018
Submitted on 11-05-18 2:59 pm

Southeast Executive Coaching has partnered with Monalco Talent Solutions in the furtherment of employee engagement and how it effects the bottom lines of companies.  We have created a survey tool which measures, weights and drills down on dozens of employee engagement data points.  With this information, Monalco Talent Solutions has developed complex algorithms where we are able to report exactly which data points will, when improved, will have positive impacts on your company's expenses and revenues and how much.  We can deliver the expectations ahead of time and then iteratively measure and report improvement in your business results.  This is where we differentiate ourselves.  We provide corporate coaching to leaders and employees with the eye toward targeting desired results.  The product will eventually be sold as a package.  We are looking for a medium - large company to join us in testing our product for little to no cost.  Please contact Victoria Sydorowicz at VS@WORKLIVESUCCEED.COM or (904) 677-3050.

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