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Subject: Multiple submission of Resume question - CEO and executive search firm
Herb Cohn
Member: 2017
Submitted on 02-17-19 8:06 pm

Good afternoon FENG members,

Interested in getting member's opinions on the following question:


Yesterday, I found an executive role that was posted on a job board website aggregator (Glassdoor).

The position had been posted at this time less than 24 hours.

Doing a little research I found thru my network at least two individuals who personally know the CEO of the company.  These folks have not worked with him but know him thru involvement in the community. Both of these individuals provided the CEO's work email address. This morning, I sent the CEO a personal email identifyng how I got his email address along with a personal note letting him know that there are other folks that he and I both know in the community as well as a cover letter and resume and explaining that I was interested in the role.  Subsequent to sending the email and doing further research I discovered that the role was being handled by an executive search firm.

My questions for FENG memebers are as follows:

1. Should I also send a cover letter and resume to the executive search firm immediately to be considered for the role eventhough I've already sent one to the CEO?

2. Should I wait a few days if I have not personally heard from the CEO, then send over my credentials to the executive search firm?

3. Should I not send my resume and cover letter to executive search firm as I have already sent it to the CEO?

Reason for my question is that I wonder if the Company has a carve out with the search firm and if I provide my credentials thru two sources the company, would that limit any opportunity I would have for an interview?

Any advise is appreciated.



Lorraine McDonald
Member: 2019

Subject: Re:Multiple submission of Resume question - CEO and executive search firm

Submitted on 02-18-19 9:24 pm.

Hi Herb,

I think the first thing you need to find out is if the search firm is retained (by the company) or an executive contingency search firm.   If it its retained then I, personally, would suggest you send your resume to them with an explanation in the cover letter that you reached out to the CEO directly, through a mutual friend, and wanted them to be aware of that.  Explain that you'd like to set up a call with them to give them further details.   

Many times they will be the first line of defense since the CEO may not even read through your email to see who you mutually know.  I did it this way with a CEO of a multinational investment bank and their HR Department, of whom I met the Senior Talent Aquisition person.   Then I copied her on all correspondence so she didn't feel out of the loop and I landed an interview. 

If the recruiter is contingency, I would send a second email to to the CEO and try to locate the in-house HR person.  


That's just my suggestion. Good luck.