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Subject: Intern / Co-op
Sanjay Dhawan
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Submitted on 03-25-19 9:02 pm

Dear All,

I just wanted to reach out to FENG group.  My son is a 4th year student at Drexel, majoring in Finance.  He was suppose to start his internship/co-op at a small firm but they had some funding issue and it was a last minute cancellation. 

He is looking frantically for a 3-6 month internship starting sometime this April time frame.  He has had planning and treasury experience internships at Chubb, NFI and Gerresheimer.  If anyone knows of any position or if you have need for a bright young college student as an intern, please let me know directly at and I can advise him to get in touch with you.  The preferred location is all of NJ, Manhattan (NYC) and surrounding, and Greater Philadelphia area.  

Thanks in advance and appreciate any leads or support.


Sanjay Dhawan


Betsy Wells
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Subject: Re:Intern / Co-op

Submitted on 04-05-19 11:47 am.

Hi Sanjay.  I am not in NY/NJ Philly area, but I am happy to look at your son's resume.  I noticed the experience at Chubb and I can check my connections in the insurance industry.  You never know.  betsbw