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Steve Prevost
Member: 2007
Submitted on 07-27-19 10:43 pm

I’m starting a new CFO role in a few weeks with a private real estate development company that is larger and more complex than I’ve dealt with in the past – five locations and $150 million in gross revenue.   Despite its rapid growth and strong profitability, the company has little or no FP&A infrastructure.   Since the company is larger and more complex than I’ve dealt with in the past, I would like to engage a mentor or CFO coach (preferably with real estate experience but not required) to assist in through the on-boarding stage and beyond.  Referrals are greatly appreciated.  Thanks. 


Steven Prevost

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Steven Seale
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Subject: Re:CFO Coach

Submitted on 08-01-19 2:30 pm.

Steve, I don't have real estate experience, but I can certainly help with FP&A process etc. Let me know if you want to have a conversation. Cheers

Hugh Glazer
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Subject: Re:CFO Coach

Submitted on 08-02-19 5:54 pm.


I oftern serve as a "CFO's best friend" and have over the years helped several FENG members get started in new endevors

Over the past 10 years I most of my tradtional CFO work is with architects.  When it comes to real estate, I know enough to be dangerous!

Let me know if you want to talk.

Hugh Glazer, Boston


Jeff Kamin
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Subject: Re:CFO Coach

Submitted on 09-12-19 12:27 am.


Hi Steve,


I just saw your post on the FENG bulletin board from 7/27/19.   I don’t know if you are able to get the mentoring or coaching you need, but I can certainly assist.  I have built FP&A capabilities in a number of companies and can help guide you in developing a FP&A infrastructure. 


Let me know if you still need assistance.




Jeff Kamin


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