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Subject: Retired too young!
Jeff Gill
Member: 2003
Submitted on 09-18-19 1:55 am

Looking for some part-time work in "any" Finance area in Northern NJ.

Besides many, many years experience in everything, I have recently started doing my own thing specializing in Quickbooks Online, which is great.

I have two Clients taking up about 20 hours of my week, but need another 20 hours to keep me busy and satisfied. 


Jeff Gill C.A. 862-438-0414

Lisa Blackburn
Member: 2014
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Subject: Re:Retired too young!

Submitted on 10-06-19 3:05 am.

Congratulations on your new business - was it easy to start up this business?

Dilip Chopra
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Subject: Re:Retired too young!

Submitted on 10-09-19 12:02 pm.

Hello Jeff,

This is Dilip Chopra. 

Like you - I "retired" too young (left my last company by choice, but am interested in contionuing to work).

I wanted to run a couple of things by you. 

I was curious about what you said you did with QB Online. I used QB Online in my last company, but I cant say I mastered it. I would like ot learn more about it. What is the best way to do that? 

Also - how did you find the two clients you have? Previous contacts? I live down in Basking Ridge, and wouldnt mind doing something saimilar with companies that may be located closer to my home. 

you can write to me at I can also be reached at 908 3657 1415.

Look forward to connecting.

Best Regards,