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Subject: Fractional CFO Firm Start-Up - CFO On- Demand 24/7
Chuck Troiani
Member: 2018
Submitted on 09-22-19 3:59 pm

I started a fractional CFO firm in Charleston, SC - but not limited to Charleston as I will travel for the right opportunity.

Of interest to you may be my Client/Customer referral program. You can make some extra cash by providing me with potential opportunities from your professional network.

My business is your business.

CFO On-Demand 24/7 is rolling out a robust professional services client/customer referral program. 

The reality is that we can all use extra cash and just about every colleague and professional I know appreciates an extra cash flow opportunity.  The fact is, you have already done the work to acquire new clients yet in many cases the client requirements do not align and/or line-up with your service offering.  Why let your efforts go to waste or you go uncompensated for your efforts when there is a referral opportunity that will earn you 20% from CFO On-Demand 24/7.   

The program is simple; you review and sign a CFO On-Demand client/customer referral agreement, identify potential clients and/or customers, submit these opportunities to CFO On-Demand 24/7.  Upon successful acquisition and payment from the client/customer, you will receive 20% of the invoice value for the duration of the client/customer contract. 

This is a great opportunity that you have earned and deserve, you have already done the work, why not get paid.  Contact me today!

Chuck Troiani


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