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Subject: Board Resolution for Financial Transactions
Vicente Freire
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Submitted on 10-10-19 7:53 pm

My company has moved headquarters to the U.S. from a foreign location; we have manufacturing operations in North America, South America, Europe, and Australasia.  The transition involves the development of a new corporate function based in the U.S. under U.S. business and legal practices.  For reference purposes, we are looking for a sample Board Resolution to manage Financial Transactions centrally at the corporate level (by corporate officers).  Financial Transactions such us Letters of Credit, Intercompany Loans, Pooling Arrangements, Bank Accounts, Derivatives Agreements, Credit Agreements, Investments, so on and so for.  Would you please share a sample Board Resolution (along with a sample Certificate of Incumbency and a sample Power of Attorney, if available) authorizing corporate officers to solely enter into such financial transactions for and on behalf of the entire global company?  PDF or Word documents are fine. 

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Vicente Freire        

Arvind Kohli
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Subject: Re:Board Resolution for Financial Transactions

Submitted on 10-23-19 5:37 pm.

Have you retained a law firm yet? I like multi-practice regional firms. And they typically can draw up templates for these types of documents, etc for you.