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Larry Fraze
Member: 2016
Submitted on 11-22-19 6:18 pm

Hi FENG members.


I am 52 with 22 years' experience in Finance/Accounting and a Marine Corps veteran. I've always been primarily a W-2 wage earner with a small client here-and-there on the side. I have been able to be helpful to a few clients but always small and never with the intent of it being a primary source of income. Mostly my clients have been in retail, nonprofit, investment advisorsory, and real estate. I have done CFO consulting, strategic plan development, and project-based consulting. I am a CPA with a JD.


Recently, I've been thinking about a move to consulting full-time. I haven't invested much time in networking...something I definately need to do regardless of whether I make the move or not. I am seeking input on how to make that decision and ways to get support during the start-up phase. I'm not looking to do B2BCFO as much of my VP/CFO level experience has been in nonprofit, with the exception of my small clients.


If you have made the transition, particularly if you consult with nonprofits, would you be willing to give insight on lessons learned? If you're in the Chicagoland area I would be happy to take you out for coffee to get your insight.


Thanks all



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