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Subject: WANTED: Aspiring Growth CFO
Kirk McLaren
Member: 2012
Submitted on 12-12-19 1:59 pm

Dear Feng Members,


WANTED: Aspiring Growth CFO




Director FP&A Who Aspires to Become a Foresight Growth CFO


We work with the 2% CEOs. These are the ones who focus on growing the top line, not leaving money on the table and doing something meaningful.


Our CFOs are Growth CFOs. Just to get started, each CFO earns the Impact Financial Management Certification designation. We use the numbers to help CEOs win new customers, keep the customers they have, develop the people and capacity they need to deliver quality consistently, gain access to capital at favorable terms, and achieve top percentile financial performance.


On average businesses that score 80+ on our 2% CEO Score are 71% more valuable than they would be otherwise. 


If you are a Director of FP&A who aspires to become a Growth CFO, contact me.


Success Criteria:

  • Learning Mindset

  • TrueTEAM Mindset

  • Entrepreneurial work experience $10-50 million in revenue

  • Forecasting/budgeting expertise

  • Using the Monthly Financials

  • Cash Management Expertise

  • Chief Level Communication skill and teaching


Locations: Key Cities in the USA, UK, Canada


Compensation and Certification:

  1. Grow from part-time to full-time

  2. At full-time compensation earns $150-240,000/annually


Contact: Kirk W. McLaren, CEO, MBA, CPA, IFM




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