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Subject: Help Raising Working Capital
Ismael Lezcano
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Submitted on 12-18-19 4:50 am

We're looking to raise $4-$8M of working capital for our NY based company.

We sell on Amazon own brand of sustainable premium quality Pima cotton garments made in Peru. 

We are a well run organization looking for a 5 to 6 year investment opportunity.

Get back to me.

Truth Alone LLC

Jim Burns
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Subject: Re:Help Raising Working Capital

Submitted on 02-01-20 10:27 pm.

Hi Ismael,


Just came accross your post on THEFENG.


If you're still seeking financing, please feel free to reach out to me anytime. (I work evening & weekends.)


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Ismael Lezcano
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Subject: Re:Help Raising Working Capital

Submitted on 02-02-20 5:49 pm.

Thanks for the response James.

We're in preliminary talks with a London based investor group that is focused on the global sustainable clothing sector and are interested investing in our company.

Do you feel you could help us obtain VC investment?

We're wrapping up our most current financial profile and projections by end of this week. 

I am based on our Lima, Peru offices but can call you any time.