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Subject: PPE Equipment - Wholesale Quantities - Customer Referral $Finder Fee to You
Bob Darbee
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Submitted on 04-23-20 3:21 pm

PPE Equipment Available - Institutional/Wholesale Volume - Purchase Customer Finder Fees Paid:


A colleague has morphed into a PPE “trader” from a financial one after hearing CV-19 'War Stories' via his nurse wife

He has sourced regular supplies, wholesale quantities: Masks (Surgical, Respirator, N95/KN95, etc.), Hand Sanitizer, Gloves, Protective Body Suits, Protective Gowns, Respirator/Ventilator Machines, Sanitizer AND Sanitizer-grade Alcohol.


Inventory constantly shifting day-to-day, US warehouse locations Orlando & LA.  Inventory turns over daily - first come, first served as available.


"Prices and quantities fluctuate.  We are ordering and receiving product as fast as we can sell it.  

 Last Friday we moved 400,000 gloves.  Yesterday, $2.2 M placed in escrow for 700,000 masks that came in yesterday.”




"We have inventory available each week and it is immediately moved to whoever it has been assigned. There is always availability from 4 suppliers providing us with 100’s of thousands of items each week.   It all goes fast.  A buyer needs to have funds available locally when they pick it up, or if we ship it out, the Seller has to be paid immediately when the product has been shipped. 


Just find out what your source needs and in what quantity.  We prefer to move large amounts due to economies of scale.  Shipping costs have been very high.   Many of the hospitals we have supplied have their own accounts with FedEx which has streamlined their orders."



(Reported customers include Vanderbilt U Hospital, U of Michigan Medical, various hospitals.)


Institutional quantities, FOB shipping location Orlando or LA.  Terms cash on sale via mutually agreed, secured means (escrow, etc.)  Proof of inventory provided.


$Finder Fee - for Referrals - They Make the Sale:


Will share 50/50 Mark-Up/Finder Fee for any qualified customer referral.  % varies by transaction.  Totally transparent: cost/selling price/mark-up all visible.


Referral - Solid Referral - is all that is needed.  They will make the sale.  


This is a fast-moving, trading business.  Inventory availability varies daily.  Opportunistic, Not contemplative transaction.  Requires prompt decision-making.                                                


If you have a candidate, do not linger - product here today, gone tomorrow (or even today . . . but more again tomorrow.)


19-page catalog PDF flier available on request via email with current product specs 


Bob Darbee,, 212-787-5390.


* * *


Robert S. (Bob) Darbee
Managing Director
Omni Capital Corporation
44 West 74th Street
New York, NY  10023

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