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Subject: Introduction to QuickBooks & Implementation Sage Intact
Chris Kraus
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Submitted on 05-22-20 4:21 pm



I just started with a new company, which currently uses QuickBooks (my first time) and is about to start on the implementation of Sage Intact. Thus, I have two questions:


1) What do you recommend to get up to speed with QuickBooks?

2) What vendors can you recommend for a Sage Intact implementation? An important piece of the implementation will be invoicing/revenue recognition of hours, which need to be integrated from a time tracking software (note: the company provides staffing in hospital settings). The company started the implementation with Sage, but was not impressed at all with the work provided previously. The project was put on hold for that reason and it is now up to me to find a new vendor.

Thank you very much!



Howard Gerner
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Subject: Re:Introduction to QuickBooks

Submitted on 05-25-20 3:46 pm.


I selected and implemented Sage Intacct accounting and purchasing systems for a large non-profit organization. I worked with a vendor from Texas. Contact me at for more information.


Jeanine Sullivan
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Subject: Re:Introduction to QuickBooks

Submitted on 05-27-20 5:24 pm.


We have a vendor Partner with Dean Dorton, Ford.  They are great with Intacct Implementations.   

Contact is Philip Massey,  919-508-6062.  Email is


Let me know if I can help answer any questions.

Glenn Lawrence
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Subject: Re:Introduction to QuickBooks

Submitted on 05-28-20 6:34 pm.

Hello Chris,

Regarding Q-Books, I am in the same situation.  I am currently taking the on-line tutorial and will ultimately 

get certified. The challenge in QB is the different versions and on-line verses desktop. It feels to me, that moving in and out 

of the system will drive a lot of learning.


If you have specific questions, I have a network connection that is a 13 year Pro-Advisor.

Give me a text at 813 610 8788 if you need assistance from an  QB advisor.

Best Wishes