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Subject: Enrolled Agent
Irf Mattla
Member: 2018
Submitted on 05-28-20 3:28 am

Hi All, hope you all are saying safe.


I am exploring the option to add Enrolled Agent (EA) to my study list, as a background I am in early 40s, CMA (Certified Managment Accountant) from IMA USA and MBA in Finance with our 20 years expereince as Controller role in past and working as CFO for pat 2 years for small manufacturing company in oil and gas.

Reason, I am thinking to add EA also to my hit list is becuase long term I wish to setup my own firm proving accounting, bookkeeping, tax servcies based on my expereince.

Ideally, I had thought about CPA (I know this is gold standard) but my bacholor was not in accoutning and CPA means few years in collage first, so it may take another 3 to 4 years I go that path, so it's almost out of question for me.

Based on my goal, do you recommend EA or another good alterntives study wise.





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