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Subject: Commercial Property Management Software Selection
Joe Moynihan
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Submitted on 07-15-20 6:20 pm



I am in process selecting a high-end property management system for use in rental of commercial real estate.

My finalists are Yardi Systems, AppFolio and Entrada. As of now, Yardi is the favorite but I want to learn about anyone's experience, especially with the other two packages.

I am mindful of other general posts describing what has been positive feedback on Yardi- they have been helpful. I did not see any posts that included AppFolio or Entrada. If anyone can share their experiences with either of these that would be great. Also, can anyone share their experience in converting to or from one of these systems? What was the reason you selected or deselected and what has been your experience after conversion?


Thank you everyone,


Joe Moynihan


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