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Subject: Corporate Sponsored Research
Robert Sassoon
Member: 2007
Submitted on 09-15-20 6:17 pm

Dear Fellow FENGers,

Having worked for several large investment banks over more than 20 years, I am now working as an independent freelance multisector equity/financial analyst engageable on a project by project basis. My focus is company sponsored research.

Unfortunately, obtaining institutional standard research from investment banks on smaller capitalization companies due to increased regulation has become increasingly difficult over the past decade or more. This has inevitably resulted in very limited or no access to capital markets for many of those promising companies which own innovative and value-added ideas, but without the financial capacity to develop them. The availability of thoughtful, factual (not unsubstantiated propaganda pieces) and detailed instution grade research and analysis paid for the company has shown to go a long way toward elevating the profile of the company among insitutional investors and increasing access to their capital.

Having completed several company assignments over the past few months, I'm seeking out more companies, both private and publicly traded start-ups/emerging growth companies , that fit the description above.

Fellow FENGers, do any of you know of such companies that would benefit from such a service. I would be very appreciative of any help/leads/advice you can render me in that respect.

Thank you,

Robert Sassoon


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